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What else was Trump doing while GOP Senators were banking their profits ahead of the COVID crash? Oh yeah, pardoning the very face of American#insidertrading : Milken'>Michael Milken.

Ted Tozer, a senior fellow at the Milken Institute and the former president of Ginnie Mae, commenting that granting two to three million payment deferrals on a one-by-one basis is going to "overwhelm the system.”

I'm surprised the Fed didn't just hire Milken'>Michael Milken to run it. I mean that guy knows a lot about finance right?

You couldn’t make this up: Jho Low’s Former Beverly Hills House Listed for $29 members of Michael Milken’s family!

Milken family, according to this. Jho Low and Riza Aziz already settled civil suits with DOJ.

The latest edition of the always excellent and comprehensive Milken Institute FinTech in Focus. As @jackson_mueller  says, the show must go on!

What was Trump doing while GOP Senators were banking their profits ahead of the #COVIDcrash ? Oh yeah, pardoning the very face of American#InsiderTrading : Milken'>Michael Milken. #Burrisma  #Corruption 

Milken Institute Chief Economist@wleeimf  calls for focused economic relief measures in response to COVID-19 crisis

"We are all on the same team. We are all pulling together." Our chairman Milken'>Michael Milken emphasized the importance of collaboration in response to COVID-19.


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Today in 1993, Michael gave a speech at the Milken Family Foundation awards honoring the important work that teachers and educators do. Take a moment to thank a teacher who made an impact on you today!

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This New York Times story from the Milken sentencing kind of brings it all together — how Milken made Nelson Peltz wealthy. Peltz is the billionaire who held the $10M+ fundraiser for Trump over the weekend. Incidentally, the sentencing judge: Kimba Wood.

Today, Trump granted clemency to 13 people, including: — Rod Blagojevich, who tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat for his own personal gain — Bernard Kerik, a close ally of Rudy GiulianiMilken'>Michael Milken, who was the face of insider trading scandals in the 80s Connect the dots.

Trump, who promised to drain the swamp, pardons Milken at the recommendation, among others, of a billionaire who threw a $10 million fundraiser for the president on Saturday. @shearm  @maggieNYT 

On Milken'>Michael Milken pardon day, a story in 1 tweet, 2 links: This weekend, Trump held the most expensive fundraiser of his presidency -- donors paid >$500k each to attend: Here's the story of who hosted that fundraiser for him:

Nothing screams corruption fighter then commuting the sentences of Milken'>Mike Milken, Blago, and Kerik. WHAT A DAY!

NEW: Steven Mnuchin recently flew to L.A. on private jet Milken'>Michael Milken, the billionaire "junk bond” king who pleaded guilty to securities fraud in 1990 and served two years in prison.

Milken, it turns out, is in a position to gain from changes that his institute has urged the Trump administration to enact. In one case, the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, directly intervened in a way that benefited Milken, his longtime friend”