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Gael García Bernal: "As a Mexican, as a Latin-American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I am against any form of wall." #Oscars
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Swedish media admits to censoring stories for the last five years on migrant crime #svpol #SD
Muslim migrant rapists of 5-yr-old Idaho girl, get no jail time, JUDGE issues gag order on sentencing
Not refugee children.
Not migrant children.
Just children.
Forced into prostitution.
One teen migrant’s harrowing story.

#ChildrenUprooted #EndTrafficking
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This is the shocking scale of the forgotten migrant and refugee crisis on the shores of Europe as told by @paraicobrien and @Worldwidewebb1
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RIOTS IN SWEDEN: Cars ablaze, rocks thrown after arrest in migrant area
British Author: Europe Is Paying the Price for Merkel's 'Migrant Madness' | #Tucker
Desperate people cry for help on top of dead bodies off the coast of Libya.This is the frontline of Europe’s endless migrant crisis.
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Steve Jobs, the son of a migrant from Syria.
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