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Pro-Brexit campaigners present a basket of British goods to Michel Barnier. PG Tips and Marmite are made by anti-Brexit Anglo-Dutch company Unilever, Hendrick's is produced by a business that's concerned about Brexit hitting sales... it's not hard to check is it.
Today I met Michel Barnier to discuss a jobs-first Brexit, in contrast to the race-to-the-bottom tax haven threatened by the @Conservatives
Today, I am in Brussels to meet Michel Barnier and set out Labour's priorities for a jobs-first Brexit #ForTheMany
A UK decision to leave the single market and customs union would make border checks in Ireland "unavoidable" - EU negotiator Michel Barnier gives an update on #Brexit talks
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Michel Barnier says there will be one week of #Brexit negotiations every month. So like a period. Only more painful.
EU's negotiator Michel Barnier hails "decisive step" towards UK's orderly withdrawal from EU #Brexit
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