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Today I met Michel Barnier to discuss a jobs-first Brexit, in contrast to the race-to-the-bottom tax haven threatened by the @Conservatives
Today, I am in Brussels to meet Michel Barnier and set out Labour's priorities for a jobs-first Brexit #ForTheMany
Michel Barnier sits down with David Davis with huge wodge of notes. Davis - with nothing -
Michel Barnier says there will be one week of #Brexit negotiations every month. So like a period. Only more painful.
EU official says Michel Barnier told ambassadors UK relationship talks unlikely to begin in October after lack of progress in divorce talks
UK will have to reach #Brexit deal with EU by October 2018 - EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier
UK must clarify position on a financial settlement for #brexit says EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier
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"I'm not hearing any whistling. Just the clock ticking." Michel Barnier, EU negotiator.
‘I can’t negotiate with myself’: Michel Barnier puts pressure on UK
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