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Film company founded by Trump nominee Michael Pack profited off deal with think tank he ran via CNBC #news  #CNBC 

Film company founded by Trump nominee Michael Pack profited off deal with think tank he ran

Michael Pack, a conservative filmmaker with ties to Steve Bannon, saw at least $1.6 million in donations from his nonprofit sent into the coffers of his independent production company, according to disclosure forms.

Michael Pack’s nomination hearing to run US Agency for Global Media (aka BBG in charge of Radio Free Europe, VOA, etc) is happening this AM in US Sen. Foreign Relations hearing... He’s the Bannon compatriot, documentarian of the Claremont Inst … bg here

Asked by @SenatorMenendez  if he can resist pressure to bust the firewall to pressure journalists at @VOANews , @RFERL  and other agencies, the nominee by @POTUS  to be CEO of @BBGgov , Michael Pack (a conservative documentary maker), replies: "I think so. I have said no before."

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Also at #ParisDL , Canadian Michael Mason is LITERALLY setting the bar for the men's high jump. He hasn't faulted yet and leads the pack. WATCH LIVE:

Vegas is known for remembering its own, and that’s why you’ll see a plethora of tribute shows up and down the Strip! From Elvis Presley to the Rat Pack, Michael Jackson and Prince, here are 6 show-stopping tribute acts to see in Las Vegas 🎵🎸🌟🎤 »

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Bushwalker Michael Bowman feared he would die in the bitter cold of the Tasmanian wilderness after losing his pack, emergency beacon and most of his food.

"Six Pack" had a pretty great cast. Young Diane Lane and Anthony Michael Hall. Erin Gray. Barry Corbin, who was ALWAYS good in whatever he was in back in the day. I'd piss on a spark plug if I could see more in-his-prime Barry Corbin playing plain-spoken authority figures.


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"OH, GOD. NO." 's Michael Scott riding a horse at the back of the pack at the . You're welcome.

Marine boot camp is notoriously hellish; the final test, called “The Crucible,” consists of 54 hours on little food or sleep, with a 9-mile hike while carrying a 60 lb. pack. For Michael Campofiori, it was only the second hardest thing he had to overcome. Here's

During the State of the Union, President Trump said “America will never be a socialist country." Here’s why “the label doesn’t pack the punch that it used to,” Krystal Ball tells CNN's Michael Smerconish.

White House issue intent to nominate conservative doucmentary maker, former president of Claremont Inst and Bannon ally Michael Pack to run the agency that controls Voice if America, Radio Free Europe etc

Most assists across Europe's top 5 leagues this season: Kevin De Bruyne (9) Emil Forsberg (8) Jean Michael Seri (8) Leading the pack.

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Michael Jackson's Thriller 3D will pack 'shocking surprise,' promises director John Landis

Damn Michael vick trending again and its not because he was attacked by a pack of wild rabid dogs

The only retirement ceremony I want to see with Michael Vick is him being "retired" by a pack of wild dogs

Did Michael Jordan really pound a six pack of beer after every game?

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