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BREAKING: Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn admits in plea that Trump transition officials directed his contacts with the Russians.
Breaking — Special Counsel Robert Mueller has charged former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn with “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia’s ambassador.
Trump this AM touted his "tough on crime" agenda, then defended Michael Flynn -- who admitted to a crime of lying to the FBI -- and endorsed Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual misconduct with minors when he was in his 30s
BREAKING: Jared Kushner is the “very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team” mentioned in the statement of offense against Michael Flynn, two people familiar with the matter tell @NBCNews
MORE: Michael Flynn "is prepared to testify...against Pres. Trump, against members of the Trump family, and others in the White House," @BrianRoss reports.
BREAKING: ABC News apologizes for 'serious error' and suspends reporter Brian Ross for 4 weeks over faulty Michael Flynn story
BREAKING: Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn is charged with making false statements to the FBI.
Breaking News: Michael Flynn told an associate that Russia sanctions would be "ripped up" early in the Trump presidency, a whistleblower told Congress
Breaking News: President Trump's ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia's ambassador
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