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From Michael A. Cohen @speechboy71 ) in @GlobeOpinion : A republic — if you can keep it

The only potential check on President Trump’s behavior — impeachment — has been removed, leaving him free to ignore the norms and political traditions of the presidency with no repercussions, says Michael A. Cohen @speechboy71 ).

Impeachment has emboldened President Trump — and there’s nothing that can stop his assault on American democracy now, says Michael A. Cohen @speechboy71 ).

"Mr. DeBartolo was among the hosts of a pre-inauguration party that honored people close to Mr. Trump at the time, including Michael D. Cohen and Omarosa Manigault Newman"

Former 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo, pardoned today by President Trump, hosted a pre-inauguration party in 2017 honoring Michael Cohen and Omarosa, among others.

Trump's Secret Service hotel racket is hiding in plain sight, writes @Z_Everson . A complete accounting of how much taxpayers have forked over to the Trump Organization since its CEO's election is as likely as a Trump pardon for Michael Cohen.

Attorney General Barr, who claims to work for the Justice Department, is in fact the personal lawyer for the Trump family criminal organization. He has taken the place of Michael Cohen, a two-bit crook now in prison, writes James Risen.

Sean, where are you getting your "real estate advice" now that Michael Cohen is in prison?

An accounting of how much taxpayers have given the Trump Organization since its CEO's election is as likely as a pardon for Michael Cohen, writes @Z_Everson . Trump's Secret Service hotel racket is hiding in plain sight. And he's getting away with it:

A new book exposes for the first time the extraordinary efforts by Michael Cohen, David Pecker, and others to hush up a porn star about her sexual fling with the future president.


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So interesting that bad lawyer Michael Cohen, who sadly will not be testifying before Congress, is using the lawyer of Crooked Hillary Clinton to represent him - Gee, how did that happen? Remember July 4th weekend when Crooked went before FBI & wasn’t sworn in, no tape, nothing?

Remember, Michael Cohen only became a “Rat” after the FBI did something which was absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the Witch Hunt was illegally started. They BROKE INTO AN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE! Why didn’t they break into the DNC to get the Server, or Crooked’s office?

Turns out @RepAdamSchiff  knew about the so-called “whistleblower complaint” before it was even filed. This fits a trend: -He met Glenn Simpson in Aspen last summer -His team prepped Michael Cohen for over 10 hours before that hearing And now this.

Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients also. He was just disbarred by the State Supreme Court for lying & fraud. He did bad things unrelated to Trump. He is lying in order to reduce his prison time. Using Crooked’s lawyer!

If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!

Michael Cohen’s book manuscript shows that he committed perjury on a scale not seen before. He must have forgotten about his book when he testified. What does Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, say about this one. Is he being paid by Crooked Hillary. Using her lawyer?

Michael Cohen plead guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime. President Obama had a big campaign finance violation and it was easily settled!

Virtually everything failed lawyer Michael Cohen said in his sworn testimony last week is totally contradicted in his just released manuscript for a book about me. It’s a total new love letter to “Trump” and the pols must now use it rather than his lies for sentence reduction!

Congress must demand the transcript of Michael Cohen’s new book, given to publishers a short time ago. Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony. Like a different person! He is totally discredited!

Your vote counts. Everything that happens in that hearing room today with Michael Cohen is only happening because Democrats won the House. Your vote counts.