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Michael Avenatti moved to different jail after hitting 'breaking point'

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Like Robert Mueller and Michael Avenatti before him, the former New York mayor could be an avatar for those whose main—or only—concern is defenestrating the president.

"It’s a little ironic that the trial of Michael Avenatti, who not long ago commanded prime time hits on CNN and MSNBC, was nudged aside by Trump’s own impeachment trial." From @kathleenparker :

Stormy Daniels says she figured out Michael Avenatti was a 'monster' when he represented her against Donald Trump

Here's how Stormy Daniels says she felt hearing about her former lawyer Michael Avenatti's conviction last week.

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It’s a little ironic that the trial of Michael Avenatti was nudged aside by Trump’s own impeachment trial, @kathleenparker  writes

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Gets an Earful After Admitting He Feels 'Snookered' by Fraudster Michael Avenatti -- via @sistertoldjah  - #ICYMI 

The epic, inconceivable, totally predictable fall of Michael Avenatti


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It was a short lived campaign. Michael Avenatti went from Avenatti 2020 to Avenatti 20 to 25 ?????? #MAGA 

#MAGA - Michael Avenatti Getting Arrested!!!

Indicted Lev Parnas is the latest Democrat Party-press favorite.  Before that it was recently indicted Michael Avenatti. And before him it was indicted and convicted Michael Cohen.  Of course, their favorite legal analyst is disbarred Watergate perp John Dean.

When you hear people criticizing Attorney General Barr, check and see how they reacted to Michael Avenatti. That will give you an idea how seriously to take them as judges of lawyers and the law.

Not at all surprising. Michael Avenatti accused of 'improperly keeping a $4M settlement payout away from a paraplegic man'

Michael Avenatti embezzled millions from paraplegic client's settlement, new 36-count indictment alleges.

Don’t get overconfident guys. Michael Avenatti has right where he wants him. It’s all part of his plan. Just look at his impeccable record so far??. - aka - Michae #MAGA  Avenatti Got Arrested.

What did Michael Avenatti do right after beclowning himself with absurd and slanderous allegations during the Kavanaugh circus? Endorse Beto.