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A move into June allows pandemic-only look at US #leveragedloan  mart. Those downgrades all are talking about? They've outnumbered upgrades by a surreal 43:1 over past 3 months. In Great Financial Crisis this metric topped out at 8.45:1 @distressedlcd 

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2020/2021 Global Corn Ending Stocks (million metric tons) CNChina: 200.04 USUnited States: 84.3 🇪🇺 EU: 7.9 BRBrazil: 5.9 ARArgentina: 4.9 CACanada: 2.9 #VTR  #plant20  #corn  #plant20202 #AgTwitter0

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Malaysia’s Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) has anticipated a lower-than-normal durian yield this season at below 300,000 metric tonnes due to frequent rainfall and a lack of manpower to look after durian farms. #AsiaNewsNetwork 

Gov. Greg Abbott has often touted one cheery-sounding figure: the number of Texans he says have recovered from the coronavirus. But it’s difficult to say how Texas really ranks among other states on the metric because many states don't report it at all.

2020/2021 Global Wheat Ending Stocks (million metric tons) CNChina: 160.4 INIndia: 27.0 USUnited States: 24.8 🇪🇺 EU: 13.0 RURussia: 10.3 CACanada: 5.3 #VTR  #plant20  #wheat  #plant20202 #AgTwitter0

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2020/2021 Global Soybean Ending Stocks (million metric tons) ARArgentina: 27.4 CNChina: 27.2 BRBrazil: 26.3 USUnited States: 11.02 🇪🇺 EU: 1.56 #VTR  #plant20  #soybeans  #plant20202 #AgTwitter0

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Maine still not providing basic COVID-19 metric but releases zip-code infection data.

Maine still only state not providing basic pandemic-tracking metric@WoodardColin  has the story.

The 49,000 metric ton reactor base of Hinkley Point C’s second unit, in #Britain , was completed on schedule, according to #nuclear  plant developer and French-based firm @edfenergy . #reactors  #news 

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As the UK lockdown begins to ease R will not be the only metric being closely monitored by scientists, the K number will also be important


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NEW, from me and @alexismadrigal : The CDC is conflating viral and antibody test results in its COVID-19 data, presenting an inaccurate picture of the pandemic and corrupting a key metric. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and other states are doing the same.

Another metric: Trump would have to do one Carrier-sized deal a week for 30 years to save as many jobs as Obama's auto bailout

As best as I can tell, the only people who are fully metric-fluent in America are scientists and drug traffickers.

Apologies to the civilized world for my use of Fahrenheit. Please be patient with us in America as we inch towards the metric system.

Don't Give up on us yet. Americans are inching towards the metric system.

The U.S. is wheels up and headed for Cucuta with more humanitarian assistance. Over the next several days, the United States will deliver over 180 metric tons of supplies, including hygiene kits, food items, and other supplies to be prepositioned for Venezuela.

There is not a single economic metric that isn’t better today than it was 2 years ago - has revitalized the economy creating millions of jobs, raising wages, and lower taxes! Vote accordingly!!!

Falcon 9 flight 50 launches tonight, carrying Hispasat for Spain. At 6 metric tons and almost the size of a city bus, it will be the largest geostationary satellite we’ve ever flown.

"Much of the media is trying to persuade Latinos to dislike the GOP but it’s a tougher sale than expected." Because they’re winning under Trump every economic metric is better today and they get it! Is Trump Creating New Republicans? via

Well said. There’s not a single economic metric where we aren’t substantially better off than we were 2 years ago. What exactly are people resisting? Success? I don’t get it.