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🗣 Nacho Monreal (Real Sociedad) "We all know what Messi is capable of but no one can stop him. He's the best in the world. You can't let him think or do what he want." [sport]

🗣 Nacho Monreal: "When I see Messi out on a football pitch you can't help but enjoy watching him. He's so talented and when he's got the ball at his feet, you can't switch off because he thinks so quickly. You're always one second behind him."

🏆 2009 🏆 2010 🏆 2011 🏆 2012 🏆 2015 🏆 2019 🗣 Messi'>Lionel Messi on becoming the first EVER 6-time award winner.

⭐️ Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Who is the greatest athlete of the last 1️⃣0️⃣ years?

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Roma 2018. Liverpool 2019. Messi hasn't forgotten about Barcelona's UCL collapses.

"Each one has its own little meaning" Lionel Messi says each one of his Ballon d'Or wins is special for different reasons.

The ‘feeling’ between Messi and Griezmann continues to improve


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🗣️ "It's good to be a part of the history of football"—Ronaldo on his rivalry with Messi in Spain

Does anyone really genuinely think there has ever been a better footballer than Messi'>Lionel Messi? I mean seriously?

Ronaldo: "We've not had dinner together yet, but I hope in the future!" 😃 @Cristiano  & Messi at the #UCLdraw  🤜🤛

@Louis_Tomlinson : Surely these Messi rumours can't be true !? Would be incredible to see him in the prem !!!" Hope they're true

Stick to anything but football. Ronaldo is a wonderful footballer, but Messi’s numbers this year are superior. His play is on another level. He too won a double. Just because you interviewed him doesn’t make him better. 🙄

Surely these Messi rumours can't be true !? Would be incredible to see him in the prem !!!

At the moment excluding messi ( injured obviously ) .. Neymar , Suarez and Özil