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This was outside of the massive totally full hangar tonight in Mesa, Arizona! #MAGA🇺🇸
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WOW - Mesa, Arizona! Look forward to joining everyone soon. Something’s happening!! #MAGA🇺🇸
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Leaving Arizona after a fantastic Rally last night, in Mesa, honoring, and for, Martha McSally. She is an inspiration & will be a GREAT SENATOR for the people of Arizona. Her opponent is a Nancy Pelosi puppet, really bad for State. Early Voting NOW! Will be back soon.
Beautiful evening in Mesa, Arizona with GREAT PATRIOTS - thank you! #MAGARally🇺🇸replay:
BREAKING: Federal prosecutors allege that officials at a shelter in Mesa, AZ were unaware that an HIV-positive worker was sexually abusing boys in its care for months.
Thank you Costa Mesa, California! 31,000 people tonight with thousands turned away. I will be back! #Trump2016
Children held in immigrant detention centers aren't charged to call their parents but as I learned at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, parents ​can be charged 85 cents a minute.

Some of these parents only earn $1 A DAY to clean toilets and do laundry.
“The president’s proclivity to twist data and fabricate stories is on full display at his rallies.”

Oct. 1 (Johnson City, Tenn.): 84 false or misleading claims
Oct. 19 (Mesa, Ariz.): 78
Oct. 22 (Houston): 83
At the CoreCivic detention facility in Otay Mesa, just steps from the border. Protesters are chanting outside — and people inside are answering.
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