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Merkel'>German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was relieved that Boris Johnson and the Conservatives had secured a majority, breaking the impasse in Parliament in the UK. #Brexit 

Here’s a guide to, why, and how AngelaMerkel’s government could fall apart

Merkel'>German Chancellor Angela Merkel has topped the #Forbes  ranking of the most powerful women across the globe for 2019, followed by President of European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #ForbesWomenWomen  (File Photo)

Here’s a guide to, why, and how AngelaMerkel’s government could fall apart

German Chancellor Merkel Under Pressure Over Huawei’s Role In German 5G Rollout – FT

German chancellor Merkel'>Angela Merkel said the shortage of time to fix future relations with #Britain  post #Brexit  was a major challenge. "It’s about an array of relations, in trade, in fishing and cooperation in security and foreign policy,” she said. #Germany 

Merkel tops Forbes' list of most powerful women

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Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with Merkel'>German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes.....

“To his credit the Europeans didn't step up to deal with this ISIS problem – it’s a lot of the reason why we are in this situation today. Now, Angela Merkel of Germany is finally stepping up and telling Turkey to back off....

Merkel'>Angela Merkel has a doctorate in quantum chemistry. She was a research scientist who entered politics in 1989, was elected to the Bundestag in 1990 and became the first female chancellor in 2005. She has served 4 terms. Leave EU, on the other hand, are knuckle scraping racists.

Merkel'>Angela Merkel was asked if she supported the congresswomen being attacked by Trump. Her reply was to the point

Very productive meeting with Merkel'>Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the #G7Summit  in Biarritz, France!

I have a great relationship with Angela Merkel of Germany, but the Fake News Media only shows the bad photos (implying anger) of negotiating an agreement - where I am asking for things that no other American President would ask for!

Trump on world leaders: May: “Wrecked” Trudeau: “Dishonest & weak” Merkel: “Controlled by RussiaAbe: “I remember Pearl HarborMacron: “Low Approval” Trump on authoritarians: Kim: “Real leader” Putin: “Very smart” What an embarrassment.

The #G20Summit  was a wonderful success and carried out beautifully by Merkel'>Chancellor Angela Merkel. Thank you!

A quote for the ages: "when the generation that survived the war is no longer with us, we'll find out whether we have learned from history" - Merkel'>Angela Merkel today

Merkel's office says she explained the Geneva Convention over the phone to Trump on Saturday