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To everyone who’s sent me this article from The Mercury'>Leicester Mercury, I would like to publicly state that this is NOT me. On the day in question I was in Pizza Express, Woking.

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64,000 gallons of mercury spill in west Houston, HFD says

One hospitalized in possible mercury spill in Houston

After two nonprofits delivered 23,000 signatures to Amazon asking it to remove skin-bleaching products with high levels of mercury, the company listened.

Man hospitalized after massive mercury spill near Beltway 8 in west Houston, officials say

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Temperatures are set to skyrocket in South East Queensland, with the mercury predicted to reach 13 degrees above average in many areas. @TamraBow  #qldweather  #7NEWS 

alright this has reminded me of all the things I like. My top 5: 1. The Point Blank Hunter Finisher 2. Super Saiyan Wish-Ender 3. Finisher Randomizer 4. Quests/Obelisks shared account wide 5. Sparrows on Mercury But seriously I just laugh with joy everytime I do that finisher

Cold wave continues to sweep several parts of North India. Rains, #Snowfall  in #JammuAndKashmir , #HimachalPradesh  and #Uttarakhand  pull the mercury down.


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In five-billion years, as the Sun begins to die, its outer layers of glowing plasma will expand stupendously, engulfing the orbits of Mercury, then Venus, as the charred ember that was once the oasis of life called Earth vaporizes into the vacuum of space. Have a nice day!

Happening Now: The planet Mercury passes directly in front of the Sun! ✨ This view from Washington, DC this morning. See more #MercuryTransit  views: (for this image on Flickr: )

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Trump’s EPA just ended a key policy under the Clean Air Act. Here are a few of the pollutants you will be breathing more of as a result: Asbestos Arsenic Benzene Chloroform Cyanide Formaldehyde Lead Mercury If you're panicking about this, try to not take a deep breath.

Remember the Friday when the Administration tried to sneak the climate report past people? Well yesterday they did it again (Friday, holidays) with an announcement to allow for more mercury. Prove them wrong &make sure everyone knows about this. It’s bad.

“Everyone at the Mercury Phoenix Trust is thrilled that 5SOS have joined our global campaign fighting AIDS in celebration of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you 5SOS for giving us such an impeccable version of Freddie’s classic Killer Queen,” - Queen’s manager, Jim Beach.

Did this cover of “Under Pressure” for the Bohemian Rhapsody film with , to honor Freddie, and for a cause really close to our hearts, to benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust in the fight against HIV / AIDS. Hope you love it x

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We're saddened by the passing of Chris Kraft, our first flight director. He was a space legend who created the concept of Mission Control during the early human spaceflight program and made it an integral part of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. He was 95.

Outdoor temperature on Earth not quite your liking today? You’ll freeze solid or vaporize anywhere else. Average temps elsewhere: Mars: -80 F; Venus: +850 F; Moon: day +250 F / night -250 F; Mercury: day +800 F / night -300 F; Pluto: -350 F; Sun: day +10,000 F / night +10,000 F

Laughed out loud when I just saw Richard “Battle Ready” Blumenthal call Manafort a liar. The same stolen valor Senator who claimed to be in combat in Vietnam but lied about it. I think I’ll claim to be a Mercury program astronaut.