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These are just...shots of you. No first responders, no memorial. Holy shit this is offensive.
Think of how absurd and repugnant it would be to erect a memorial to Bin Laden in the middle of Ground Zero to "preserve history"
HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of SHINee fans gather at Hong Lim Park to hold a memorial for #Jonghyun
Trump, Obama notes left at Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial for the Holocaust.

This makes me sad.
Thank you for joining us at the Lincoln Memorial tonight- a very special evening! Together, we are going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
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That the President of the United States would order on Holocaust Memorial Day the banning of a people due to their religion is reprehensible
Amazing pic from one year ago today from the eve of the inauguration. The whole family at the foot of The Lincoln Memorial was absolutely surreal. It was then that the magnitude of everything we had and would experience finally hit me. #maga #dc #flashbackfriday #flashback
Mexicans who served in US Army with the promise of becoming citizens but ended up being deported, protest on Memorial Day in Ciudad Juarez
Here's how the last 3 presidents spent #MLK day:

George W. Bush: Volunteered at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Barack Obama: Helped paint a mural of MLK while volunteering at a shelter

President Trump: Golfing at Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida
Memorial service today for beautiful and incredible Heather Heyer, a truly special young woman. She will be long remembered by all!
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