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I am deeply saddened to hear about
the passing away of Meera Sanyal.
The country has lost a sharp economic brain and a gentle soul. May she rest in peace!

You will forever remain in our hearts.
Shocked to hear about Meera Sanyal Ji's untimely demise.
A rare top-notch professional who took up unflinchingly the challenge of Indian public life.

I had the honour to to work with and campaign for her.
She always brought sensibility and sensitivity to public life.

Meera Sanyal, banker-turned-politician dies at 57
Former banker & Aam Aadmi Party member Meera Sanyal passes away
#BREAKING Meera Sanyal, who was a noted figure in the economic circles was awarded as Philanthropist of the Year by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in 2011.
#Replug | Meera Sanyal fought successfully against the alarming pollution caused by the dumping of coal at the Kolse Bunder in Sewri, Mumbai.

Her piece for #Expressblogs
Extremely sad to hear that Meera Sanyal is no more. She was such a gentle soul. It is rare to find a human being like her. RIP.
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