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An “armada” of American warships set sail for the eastern Mediterranean Sea earlier today...
While the world focuses on airports and the #MuslimBan, refugees and migrants are still drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
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You are stuck in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. A boat is coming to save you. You'll be shocked to see what happens next.
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#Mediterranean Sea. You look quite refreshing this morning! #YearInSpace
More than 200 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean as bodies are recovered from sea - Spanish aid group
An EGYPTAIR official declared that EGYPTAIR A320 aircraft in its flight number MS804 lost contact with radar above the Mediterranean Sea.
Medieval streets of Pals, a lovely medieval village just a few km from the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Girona. Pals. Catalonia.
Algiers at night looks as if it is trying to swallow the Mediterranean Sea #CitiesFromSpace #Algeria
"The salt water in my pool is flown in from the Mediterranean sea" @philsmeeze
the mediterranean is so beautiful! every sea view is like mama mia who wants to burst into song with me
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