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You don't get a bill when you drop your kid off at school. You don't pull out your credit card when you call the fire department. It's time to do the same for health care by passing Medicare for All and ensure no one leaves the hospital with insurmountable debt.

The Health 202: Elizabeth Warren is no longer a Medicare-for-all purist

Cramer: Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare for All' delay shows 'she is not as left as you thought'

Elizabeth Warren is insisting that she is “fully committed” to Medicare for All and that she plans to first build on existing health care programs because “people need help right now.”

Elizabeth Warren still wants Medicare for All, but she is hedging her bet

In South Carolina, 51% of Ds surveyed prefer a candidate who can beat Trump and 44% want a candidate who aligns with their values 55% want to build on the Affordable Care Act and 39% prefer to replace it with Medicare for All. Tweet 2/2

@sarahkliff  @thomaskaplanWarren  has been running Facebook ads listing a 12-point agenda. Not on the list: Medicare for all

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OPINION: While I support the idea of "Medicare for All," I am afraid that Elizabeth Warren's $20.5 trillion plan is akin to pouring herself a pair of cement boots:


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Dental care is a human right. Mental health care is a human right. Reproductive health care is a human right. That is why they’re covered under Medicare for All.

In my first week as president, we will introduce Medicare for All legislation.

Imagine going to the hospital, getting treatment you need and never getting a bill for it or having to pay an insurance premium. You just imagined every major country except the United States. We are going to pass Medicare for All and make that a reality in America.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm feeling good. I'm fortunate to have good health care and great doctors and nurses helping me to recover. None of us know when a medical emergency might affect us. And no one should fear going bankrupt if it occurs. Medicare for All!

Under my Administration, Medicare Advantage premiums next year will be their lowest in the last 13 years. We are providing GREAT healthcare to our Seniors. We cannot let the radical socialists take that away through Medicare for All!

I hope the American people will look at the cold hard facts of what will happen if the Democrats’ advocating for ‘The Green New Deal’ and ‘Medicare for All’ get power. Their goal is to turn America into a socialist country and that is not going to happen on my watch.

Everybody agrees that ObamaCare doesn’t work. Premiums & deductibles are far too high - Really bad HealthCare! Even the Dems want to replace it, but with Medicare for all, which would cause 180 million Americans to lose their beloved private health insurance. The Republicans.....

In the United States it costs, on average, $12,000 to have a baby. In Finland it costs $60. We've got to end the disgrace of our profit-driven health care system and pass Medicare for all.

I’m running for president because the time is long overdue for the United States to join every other major country on Earth and guarantee health care to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a Medicare-for-all program.