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Virginia just became the 33rd state to pass Medicaid expansion.

400,000 lives will be improved by giving people access to health insurance.

Bold ideas matter.

Democratic values matter.

Elections matter.
Make no mistake: After they borrow $1.5 trillion to pass a windfall tax break for corporations and the rich, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will seek cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to pay it back.
"Sorry, we have to cut your Medicaid. There's just not enough money" -- guy flying on a Lear Jet charter to Aspen.
A reminder about Trump’s budget:

✂ Cuts Medicaid by $1.1 trillion
✂ Cuts Social Security by $72 billion
✂ Cuts Medicare by $266 billion

No one can argue that our nation is made stronger by cutting these priorities. Families and seniors would suffer. It is immoral.
Remember: the two main means-tested programs in America are Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). In each case most beneficiaries are children, elderly, or disabled. The idea that we're handing out billions to lazy bums is false and slanderous.
if you think this is a mental health problem then dont cut Medicaid that provides 25% of mental health care
Seriously. This is BANANAS.

You couldn't get ALL 50 state Medicaid directors to agree any anything else in health care policy.
"As a candidate, Trump repeatedly said he would never cut Medicare or Medicaid. Now he proposes cutting Medicare by $554 billion and Medicaid by around $250 billion."
Virginia has voted to expand Medicaid. Elections matter.
The @SenateGOP just voted against protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from future cuts. Make no mistake: they’re on the chopping block next in the GOP Congress. #GOPTaxScam
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