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Editor of @Mediaite [owned by Dan Adrams brother of Obama NY judge Ronnie] pushes for Julian Assange to be droned
Mediaite staff, not today, but suffice to say if the play killed off an "Obama", or say historical religious figures, all hell would follow!
Mediaite should take this down - Barron Trump, like all Presidents' kids, is off limits. He is a child. This is mean. @realDonaldTrump
I'm confused as to why Mediaite is withholding the full name here. This is an adult.
Why Is Ted Cruz Getting a Total Pass For Attack on Donald Trump's Wife? via @mediaite
Under Armour CEO Steps Down from WH Manufacturing Council | Mediaite. Let's see if #Trump trashes this (white) guy.
Mediaite Exposes Politico Burying Poll Finding Gorsuch Support
Meanwhile the folks at @Mediaite get why the left's Trump-Hitler analogy collapses on both sides of the equation
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