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In a media forum, Senator Imee Marcos was asked about her reaction to the cancellation of the US visa of Senator Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa. She said she's heard about it, adding that it seemed other officials have been "blacklisted" too. READ:

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@nfergus  @GretaThunbergIt would be fascinating to see Greta criticize China on this and then watch: 1) China’s reaction. 2) Western environmentalists and media reaction to China’s reaction. 3) Greta’s reaction to China’s reaction. 4) China’s reaction to the reaction from greens, media & Greta.

Weary of the dehumanizing imagery of black people he saw in the media, Mikael Owunna says hoped to create images showing the black body as a site of magic. One reaction he received stuck with him: "Every black person deserves to see themselves this way."

"Media reaction: Australia’s bushfires and climate change" via @CarbonBrief :

Damian Lillard snaps records, sets social media on fire with historic performance: Best memes, jokes and national reaction

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A roundup of some of the social-media reaction to yesterday's @MNReformer  piece on Sen. Gazelka’s comments, which ignited strong reactions #mnleg 

The boss spoke about Dover's unpredictability, our reaction to Tuesday's postponement, Jim O'Brien's recovery and Ross Fitzsimons' departure when he met the media this afternoon 👇

@JenZoratti nailed it. Sexist, racist ´U.K. media reaction kind of justifies Sussexit, doesn't it? ´- Winnipeg Free Press

Here's a look at some of the social media reaction to C.B. McGrath's firing since UNCW's announcement on Monday evening.


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Let's play a little role reversal: What do you think would be the media's reaction if Donald Trump Jr. took $1.50 from the Chinese — not $1.5 BILLION like Joe Biden's son — just 1.5 dollars? They would lose their godd*mn minds!

This is amazing and the liberal media’s reaction to it even more so. As always they take the bait and lose their minds.

To every person in media saying “Democrats’ over-reaction to Trump’s racism could cost them votes” as opposed to “Trump’s obvious racism will cost him votes”: what is wrong with you?

Vivek Oberoi speaks on Sonam Kapoor's reaction to his tweet (on exit polls), "...Aap apni filmon mein thoda kam overact karein aur social media pe thoda kam overreact karein. I've been working in women empowerment for 10 yrs now. I don't think this is hurting anyone's sentiments"

2019: Trump serves fast food at the White HouseMedia Reaction: 💀💀💀 2009: Obama takes fast food orders, gets in The Beast, drives to fast food restaurant, buys bags of fries & burgers, brings them back to WH & eats fast food in The Oval Office Media Reaction: 😍🥰😍

. emerges from apartment with 20 month old child. Maduro shock troops came this morning looking to question his wife. Media & members of diplomatic corp arrived to monitor situation. Effort to intimdate. But also a trial balloon to see what reaction to arrest would be.

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Just found out that the The Hill is preparing a reaction story on Tweets about Elizabeth Warren as a way to fight back for her. They’re going to look at everyone’s Tweets as opposed to Warren’s false claims. Why don’t people trust media again?

Why Massive Mainstream Media Distrust? Example #1 ,490 Headlines: State Department Spent $52,200 on Nikki Haley apartment curtains Media Reaction: Outrage Fact: Curtains order under Obama administration Media Reaction: Crickets (looking for next outrage)

This is the same thing Trump has done since fall 2015. Issue mushy-edged statement that is meant to leave an impression. Waits for media reaction. Then screams he was taken out of context. Then half the media self-flagellates. How many times does this cycle have to get repeated?

The FBI reaction to the memo is Indicative of a lot. All of congress has seen it, not just the special committees. Also weird that for the first time ever the media wants less info? What are they hiding?