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Pernell McPhee and Jordan Howard honoring Zach Miller at today’s practice:
Vegas Golden Knights will officially be in the hockey business this afternoon. I's dotted...T's crossed...George McPhee can start dealing.
THIS JUST IN: Washington Capitals fire head coach Adam Oates and general manager George McPhee.
George McPhee says he has "at least" six trades completed.
Bears OLB Pernell McPhee tells us the team nicknamed Mitchell Trubisky -- "pretty boy assasin."
George McPhee: "We're going to have to move some defencemen because we're going to claim a bunch."
Learn how Ellie McPhee built a one of a kind BB unit... out of yarn.
George McPhee has told NHL teams that today is the last day they'll complete a trade to protect their players.
"Taylor Hicks deserved to win American Idol more than Katherine McPhee. Period."
The Vegas @VegasHockeyNHL own 2nd best record in@NHL . They continue to shatter records for expansion teams. They’re no longer just a great story. They’re a great team made up of unwanted players, many UFA’s. Hopefully GM George McPhee keeps group, and goes for it!#GoldenKnights
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