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In case you missed this investigation by @PekingMike  into Africa’s richest woman, the daughter of Angola’s ex-president: Documents obtained by @ICIJorg  show how Western consultants — BCG, McKinsey & PwC — helped her exploit the nation’s wealth.

Gage Wren, 16 and Mckinsey Wren, 13, were last seen Saturday, Jan. 18. The case is being treated as a runaway incident.

Express $EXPR to close 100 stores over next 3 years. They've also got a new corporate strategy that has been shortened to their ticker symbol. I'm guessing that has never proven successful, but they probably paid McKinsey a lot of money for that.

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The McKinsey report identifies four components that perpetuate the U.S. racial wealth gap—family wealth, family income, family savings, and community context (a community's collective public and private assets), writes @brentinmock . #citylabarchive 

For U.K. businesses, "the days of labels like leave and remain are past us," says Vivian Hunt of McKinsey & Co.

India has huge domestic potential for growth, says Oliver Tonby of Mckinsey Asia

McKinsey is almost trolling the world with its secrecy.

McKinsey’s new Tokyo office is a perfect architectural metaphor

@McKinsey  only hired about 8,000 people out of an applicant pool of 800,000. Here's how to make sure you stand out.

Some of the world’s leading professional service firms — including the Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co. and PwC — facilitated her efforts to profit from her country’s wealth while lending their legitimacy. @ICIJorg 


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McKinsey and Co., the international consultants, were deeply involved in helping the Trump administration figure out how to crack down on illegal immigration, new documents show. Copublishing with @propbulica 

The media’s insistence on coming up with totally fake Democratic “scandals”, like @elizabethforma ’s legal @PeteButtigiegork  or ’s McKinsey stint, is a constant reminder to me - who led a ton of shitty fake scandal coverage in 2016 - that we have truly learned nothing.

If you've worked at McKinsey in this era, the issue isn't just certain clients. It's that, even at its best, much of the work is about increasing investors' share of profits by reducing labor's share. It's what I've tried to make good on and speak truth on. Others should, too.

McKinsey consultants advising ICE "proposed cuts in spending on food for migrants, as well as on medical care & supervision of detainees, according to interviews with people who worked on the project for both ICE and McKinsey and 1,500 pages of documents"

Appears that Buttigieg, at McKinsey, helped raise premiums and lay off workers for Blue Cross in Michigan. Michigan, of course, is a must win state in 2020. If this claim is true, how does he win Michigan? The Trump ads write themselves.

This 2014 podcast is a window into why McKinsey is so important to understanding how Buttigieg sees government: He described South Bend as a "beta city," and "also a bit like running a corporation that has 100,000 members of the board of directors and executive committee of 9."

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Maybe it's a red flag that as a condition of working for McKinsey you have to sign a document saying you can never discuss what you did there for the rest of your life?

In the 1980s AT&T asked McKinsey to estimate how many cell phones would be in use in the world by 2000. They concluded total market would be 900,000 units. This persuaded AT&T to pull out of market. By 2000, there were 738 million people with cellphone subscriptions. —Andrew Chen

Guys, I want everyone to remember our core values at McKinsey Middle East - there's no "I" in "team", but there's a "sultan" right in the middle of "consultancy"