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Matchup 7: A pair of Reds Hall of Famers... "The Mayor" Sean Casey vs. MLB's all-time hits leader, the Big Red Machine's Pete Rose! Choose your fan favorite!

Why haven't the Democrats picked a person - Pelosi, Schumer, Mayor Pete!, anyone! - to do live TV briefings, along with a group of scientists+economists, on the crisis every night, immediately after Trump finishes his daily lie-fest? What's the argument against doing it? WHY NOT?

“Economies can be rebuilt, people’s lives can’t.” — St Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman says Pinellas County’s “safer at home” order doesn’t go far enough to protect people, but he’s not going to issue such an order for the city because he thinks it will cause confusion. #coronavirus 

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"Economies can be rebuilt. People can't." - St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman, who was hoping for a stronger measure than the "safer at home" directive issued by Pinellas County. #coronoavirus  #bn9covid19 

UPDATE: St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman says the city is preparing a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19 if Gov. Ron DeSantis won't act first.

St. Pete's Mayor Kriseman on potential stay-at-home order: "Expect to see something happening in the very near future." LIVE:

@TVStacie  : @WFLAJBS  #BREAKINGt . Pete Mayor Rick sa @Krisemanys  St. Pete and Pinellas County are also working on stay-at-home orders, per @WFLARyan 

St. Pete mayor considers stay-at-home order for city, but says governor should provide 'statewide uniformity.' MORE:

@dandrezner  Wait you missed the part about how we have to change our underwear every half-hour? Also the official language is Swedish, which Mayor Pete learned over the course of the press conference.

I’m randomly rewatching a random episode of VEEP (pre-season5, when it was good), and the guy holding the bathroom sink plug on the debate stage in season 3 episode 8, is that mayor Pete


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Why do people call Mayor Pete a "moderate?" The media covers for him and hides the truth. He is no "moderate."

Mayor Pete'>Congrats Mayor Pete on your upcoming CNN contributor gig which we all know you’re getting because all they hire are disgraced former Obama officials and failed democrat presidential candidates. #Congrats 

Great politicians know when to charge ahead and when to stand down. Mayor Pete ran an incredible campaign that exceeded all expectations. His ability to make the difficult decision tonight tells me he will be a major player in American politics for a long time to come.

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“If he’s the next president, I fear for our country. He couldn’t run our city. How can he run the United States?” said a stay-at-home mom from South Bend’s impoverished & predominantly black West Side. South Bend residents warn America about Mayor Pete.

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that President Trump called him to advise him to "never apologize" for his homophobic comments about Mayor Pete Buttigieg

....who got them there. Chris Wallace said, “I actually think, whether you like his opinions or not, that Mayor Pete has a lot of substance...fascinating biography.” Gee, he never speaks well of me - I like Mike Wallace better...and Alfred E. Newman will never be President!

Hard to believe that @FoxNews  is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is moving more and more to the losing (wrong) side in covering the Dems. They got dumped from the Democrats boring debates, and they just want in. They forgot the people.....

"America is under attack from home grown white nationalist terrorists" -Mayor Pete

Warren in Iowa declining to criticize Dems when pushed, Beto defending Mayor Pete against bigotry, Dems welcoming each other into the race. Lots of candidates get that in the face of Trump we have to support each other, not divide.