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I guess we are just supposed to keep hoping that if we go to a night club or classroom or concert that we won't be murdered en masse.
You read about the Trail of Tears, the Japanese internment, etc. in your history classes.

You read about all the countries where the government threw people into camps en masse, and you wondered, "How could it happen? How could people allow that to happen?"

Well, now you know.
What would happen if news organizations en masse declined to attend Spicer’s next briefing on explicit grounds he had lied to them?
Cong asks Muslim community to vote for it en masse then it is termed by political pundits as an attempt to mobilise secular votes. If BJP says all the Hindus must vote for BJP then it is called as communalising the election: Tejasvi Surya, BJP | #IndiaVoteOutHate
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We are hearing reports that last night hundreds of spouses and children of U.S. citizens of Yemeni descent were summoned to U.S. embassy in Djibouti to have visa applications denied en masse.
.@NicolleDWallace on WH staff: "If they don't resign en masse this morning, they are forever tainted by what he did yesterday." @Morning_Joe
The spectacle of dozens of migrants being convicted and sentenced en masse was captured in this photo secretly taken in a Pecos, Texas federal courthouse.
Facebook instructing Gaza Muslims to bring guns, knives, infiltrate Israel en masse, invade nearby villages and kidnap Israelis: AFacebook should face federal charges for incitement to terrorism and providing support to the enemy.
What the GOP is going to do, en masse, is simply say "Well we don't know what's true and what's not" and hope Moore wins and votes for a big cut to the corporate tax rate.
Nazis & leftist 'Antifa' violent anarchists, both fringe, both rejected en masse. Media & Dems, however, will exploit for pet narratives.
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