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I guess we are just supposed to keep hoping that if we go to a night club or classroom or concert that we won't be murdered en masse.
What would happen if news organizations en masse declined to attend Spicer’s next briefing on explicit grounds he had lied to them?
.@NicolleDWallace on WH staff: "If they don't resign en masse this morning, they are forever tainted by what he did yesterday." @Morning_Joe
Nazis & leftist 'Antifa' violent anarchists, both fringe, both rejected en masse. Media & Dems, however, will exploit for pet narratives.
just in: HUNDREDS of ISIS fighters surrender en masse
Catalans turned out en masse to vote on independence on Sunday. They were met with truncheons and rubber bullets
Fire ants cling to one another en masse to float above the floodwaters caused by #Harvey in Pearland, Texas.
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The Klan showed up en masse at the Democratic Convention of 1924 in NYC where a resolution to condemn the KKK was defeated
ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse
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