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This hosts of @ringer ’s NFL podcast seem pretty convinced that the real victim of Myles Garrett attacking Mason Rudolph with his own helmet is, in fact, Myles Garrett

“Is it getting hot 🔥 in here!...” @Jabari_Greer  not backing away from his SECOND THOUGHTS this week on Philip Rivers, Lamar Jackson & Mason Rudolph: #NFL100 

@country_cookin  Nope. And I'm sorry you're disappointed. As I wrote in this column you think was written by Mason'>Derek Mason, there's no glossing over his record or 2018 performance. But this is not a terribly surprising outcome and I understand the reasoning.

@NickColeSports  @country_cookinI  did look at the stands this fall. It's not good. And I don't expect much better next season. And I wouldn't expect much better with a new football coach, either. There's certainly a case for firing Mason, but Vandy's failure to cultivate a fanbase is waaaay bigger than coach.

Hypotheticals are senseless. It’s just sensationalism. “What if Mason Rudolph would’ve broken MylesGarrett’s neck when he was trying to rip off his helmet?” Or “What if Garrett couldn’t have kids after Mason kicked him in the 🥜’s?” See what I’m saying! 🙄 #stayinreality 

Podcast: Is Mason'>Derek Mason returning 'same old Vanderbilt' or right decision?

18-year-olds accused of raping unconscious teen at Mason Inn, posting video on Snapchat

Also, a couple people have asked about "wiggle room" until the end of the season because Malcolm Turner's statement only says "moving forward." I directly asked Turner if Mason will be back in 2020 and he said yes. There's no ambiguity here.

The youngest player to score for England U21's since 2006. Mason Greenwood has arrived. 🔥 #MUFC 

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"[Mason Rudolph was the one who started the fight." @maxkellerman  thinks the reaction to Myles Garrett has been "hysterical."

Go to @MylesLGarrett  page and you’ll see the headline: “A Hero is made by the path he chooses, not by the power he is graced with.” Yet, he goes and does what he did to Mason Rudolph. This calls for an automatic SEASON-ENDING SUSPENSION. He should be DONE for the rest of the year

Mason Rudolph should be significantly fined as well for trying to rip @MylesLGarrett  helmet off his head which ignited the retaliation. He's not without fault in the unfortunate matter. This is a physical,emotional game played by men. Let's not forget that. @nflnetwork  #Truth 

Dayonn Davis (15), stole a pair of shoes. No prior record. (60 month sentence) Patrick Beadle, bought some weed. (144 months) Mason'>Crystal Mason, tried to vote but wasn't eligible. (60 months) Paul Manafort, $25M+ of financial fraud over a decade, lied to prosecutors. (47 months)

Felicity Huffman was just sentenced to 14 DAYS in jail for paying a $15K bribe so her daughter could get into a better college Mason'>Crystal Mason is serving a 5 YEAR sentence for trying to vote

Interesting to see so many reporters praising Reuters reporter Mason'>Jeff Mason for his blunt & persistent questioning of Trump today. As much as he deserves the praise, though, not sure why all the other reporters can’t do what he did & haven’t done it so far. It’s not rocket science.

Paul Manafort was just sentenced to less than 4 YEARS for committing multiple felonies, including tax and bank fraud Mason'>Crystal Mason is serving FIVE YEARS for trying to vote in the 2016 election. (She didn't realize she was ineligible due to a prior conviction.)

Today, 17-year-old Mason'>Draylen Mason would have learned that he had been offered one of 130 spots at the renowned Oberlin Conservatory of Music. He died March 12 after a package bomb exploded in his kitchen in Austin, Texas.

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