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Are you following the coronavirus safety guidelines when you go out in the world? Staying six feet apart? Wearing a mask? I'm noticing a lot of people who aren't -- right as we're reopening. It worries me. Your thoughts? My latest column: #mydayinla 

I’ve been back in Brooklyn for 18 hours. What struck me is it is nearly impossible to follow distancing/general health guidelines. People most try, altho the mask around the chin look is common. Still dumb things like self serve coffee with people pawing the lids stack.

Although things are quiet in the halls of Congress, I am continuing to follow the strict guidelines of the #HouseSergeantAtArms  & @CDCgov  by wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance. We must keep following the guidelines to get back to normal.

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In defiance of coronavirus guidelines, Texas bar is saying "sorry, no mask allowed."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stresses the importance of wearing a mask in public and following social distancing guidelines. The Kentucky Republican has worn masks at his public appearances.

Virginian-Pilot Editorial: Northam's new mask policy is lacking guidelines for enforcement and other relevant details

Amusement parks have begun reopening in Japan. Assorted guidelines for guests include wearing a mask at all times and no screaming.

1. People with a mild case of #Covid19  can isolate at home If the following guidelines for Home-based care are strictly adhered to - Do not leave your room at all - Wear face mask - Disinfect and clean everywhere If you see signs of complications - call 08000267662

After Virginia's mask mandate, pediatrician offers guidelines for children wearing them

Updates on coronavirus in Minnesota from May 27: 22,464 confirmed cases, 33 deaths; State: wear a mask and distance if protesting George Floyd’s death; Walz makes ‘phase II’ guidelines official; Moving COVID-19 patients back to long-term care; and more…


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Beaches and pools were packed this #MemorialDay  weekend, with many disregarding social distancing and mask guidelines. Nearly 100,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. 11 states reported a record high number of cases last week.

Guidelines for OPENING UP AMERICA AGAIN: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Wear a mask. 3. Go to work or school. 4. Buy red OPUA hat. 5. Cover your ears and eyes so you don’t notice death all around you. 6. Blame anyone but Trump for your or your family’s deaths.

Facts - I was quietly seated more than 6' away from the closest person (adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines) -When the press conference began, I put mask on. So - what, exactly is the basis for this petty effort at shaming????

President Trump tours an Arizona mask factory without wearing a mask, despite guidelines saying they should be worn inside the factory at all times

Vice President Pence responded to criticism that he defied the Mayo Clinic's policy by not wearing a mask during his visit, saying he complied with CDC guidelines and wanted to speak with health care workers "and look them in the eye."

At the link, 30 stunning & hilarious examples of liberal Congress members lecturing rest of us about importance of following health guidelines, such as wearing a face mask, while showing us that they can’t tell the difference btwn a face mask & necktie.

Former Captain and explosive opener of Indian Cricket team @KrisSrikkanth  bats for PM @narendramodi  and all Corona Warriors in the clash against Corona. He urges everyone to use Aarogya Setu app, wear a mask at all times and follow all guidelines of the govt. Thank you 'Chika'!

A photographer in Colorado catches a deer with a sour cream container stuck to its nose—appearing to follow face-mask guidelines. The deer later safely rid itself of the container.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidelines recommending that the public voluntarily wear a non-medical basic cloth or fabric mask that can be either purchased online or simply made at home

IT'S OFFICIAL. President Trump: "The CDC is recommending Americans wear a basic cloth or fabric mask." He adds: "This is voluntary. I don't think I am going to be doing it." (New mask coronavirus guidelines are not for N95 masks used by health professionals.)