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"Judge Orders Pause in Opioid Litigation Against Purdue Pharma and Sacklers" by BY MARY WILLIAMS WALSH via NYT New York Times

Dr. Mary Walsh of St. Vincent hospital authored the study which asks the questions: why do female residents choose certain specialties over others? @angelikakade  takes a look.

"Purdue Pharma Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy" by BY JAN HOFFMAN AND MARY WILLIAMS WALSH via NYT New York Times

#Cinderella turns 70 this year, and with the film being added to the National Film Registry by @librarycongress , the managing director of @DisneyARL , Mary Walsh sat down with @Where_To_Watch  to talk animation, archiving, and that iconic blue dress:

Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at #Cinderella  with Mary Walsh of @DisneyARL as the classic Disney movie approaches its 70th anniversary.

Hey @DominicWest  my great grandmother Mary Ellen Walsh would have been your neighbor.

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'Old age is an excellent time for outrage,' comedian Mary Walsh tells ideacity audience

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Last night we celebrated the induction of the @Disney  classic #Cinderella  into our #NatFilmRegistry  with a visit from Cinderella herself! @LibnOfCongress  Carla Hayden also presented Disney's Mary Walsh with a framed certificate to commemorate the induction. #Cinderellaballball 

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The best part of reading Lawrence Walsh's FIREWALL memoir on Iran-contra is that it took me to this glorious 1997 Mary McGrory column on the book, with a perfect lede: "Like other tourists before him, Lawrence Walsh came to Washington and got mugged."


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The words we use matter. In fact, they matter a lot. Mary Walsh explains why in this powerful video. #BellLetsTalk 

Mary Walsh reminds us just how powerful our words really are. Watch this video to hear her important message. #BellLetsTalk 

What’s the one message that Mary Walsh hopes she can share with her story? Be kind.

Be kind. That’s the message Mary Walsh hopes she can inspire by sharing her story. #mentalhealth 

Mary Walsh is passionate about ending the stigma around mental illness. Watch this video to learn why. #BellLetsTalk 

Two #BellLetsTalk  ambassadors, Sean McCann and Mary Walsh, share personal struggles with addiction

"There's no shame involved in having a sickness." #Mary  Walsh on #MentalHealth  & addiction

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