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The strange symptom was diagnosed as a Sister Mary Joseph's nodule.

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The #GospeloftheDay  (Lk 2:22-40), for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, shows us the amazement of Mary, Joseph, Simeon and Anne at what was happening before their eyes. The ability to be amazed makes our encounter with the Lord fruitful.

John Lennon had a cat named Jesus, which many people believed was a sarcastic response to his "the Beatles are bigger than Jesus" controversy. Paul McCartney, meanwhile, had a trio of kittens named Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Killer 'thought he was Jesus due to his parents' names, Mary and Joseph'

Jury hears the murder accused "really thought he was Jesus" due to his parents’ names, Mary and Joseph, and his middle name, Christian

Six authors you might not think were major influences on me (but they were): Joseph Conrad Elizabeth Bishop Tanizaki Junichiro John Donne Ralph Ellison Mary Renault

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has cast her vote at St Joseph's School in Dublin with local councillor Seamas McGrattan. #togh2020 

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#PopeFrancis looked to the example of Mary and Joseph, and Simeon and Anna, to mark the 24th World Day for Consecrated life. #Angelus 

Still laughing about the Kerry thing. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, man, you're here in town to close the deal for Biden!

Walk with Mary, and let her show you the Light of Christ! Stand by Saint Joseph, and let him draw you close to the Child for whom he served as Guardian. Embrace the Light of Christ, and let Jesus illumine your procession through life. #homilytweet  #PresentationOfTheLord 

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Southern California church nativity displays Jesus, Mary and Joseph in cages, separated at the border

MARY: How's the room? JOSEPH: Um ... rustic. MARY: It's clean, though? JOSEPH: Well, it's not immaculate. (To self) But then who is. MARY: Hm? JOSEPH: Nothing.

A California church is displaying a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees in cages to draw attention to the conditions faced by migrants seeking asylum in the United States. The baby Jesus is wrapped in a silver foil blanket.

Claremont Nativity scene depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees separated in cages

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and protect all families around the world, so that love, joy and peace may reign within them.

Saint Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, watch over the whole Church always, and protect Her in every moment.

Sorry but if Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem to register for the Roman census, how does that make the Holy Family a group of illegal aliens?

Indiana church displays Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus inside cage to protest Trump immigration policies

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May St Joseph, Spouse of Mary and Patron of the Universal Church, bless you and watch over you. And best wishes to fathers!