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3 months
Sen. Ed Markey on Comey firing: "This happened because this investigation is getting too close to the Oval Office."
JUST IN: Senate CONFIRMS Christopher Wray as the next FBI Director, 92-5.

Senator Markey renewed his call Tuesday for a bill limiting President Trump's power to launch a nuclear attack.
JUST IN: Christopher Wray confirmed as FBI Director by a 92-5 vote. No votes were Gillibrand, Markey, Merkley, Warren, Wyden
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2 months
Sen. Markey to Trump: “Pressure is going to continue to mount" until you give the American people answers on Russia
Sen Markey: If Trump pulls out of #ParisAgreement, it will be an economic & a "moral disaster for the United States”
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Sen Markey on North Korea: This is escalating like it’s a schoolyard brawl, but now it’s with two sides who have nuclear weapons
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Senators showing up to support House gun control sit-in:

Murphy, Franken, Booker, Markey, Hirono
Markey: Neither party trusts Trump to impose Russia sanctions:
Sen. Ed Markey: “I would hope that Democrats and Republicans will stand strong and insist that Comey testify”
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