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Ten days before the 2016 Presidential election, one of Facebook’s early investors sent an e-mail to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg: “I am disappointed. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed.”

The richest billionaires became so through owning large positions of stock in the company they created. Equity ownership is the greatest driver of personal wealth because of its scalability. Bill Gates Warren Buffett Jeff BezosMark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude toward disinformation on Facebook is “Trumpian” and “authoritarian,” Hillary Clinton tells @AdrienneLaF .

Hillary Clinton is specifically alarmed by what she views as Mark Zuckerberg’s unwillingness to battle the spread of disinformation and propaganda on his own platform, @AdrienneLaF  writes.

Early Facebook investor on his first meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is throwing cash at Washington, as big tech spends record amounts on its lobbying efforts

Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has 'Authoritarian' Views on Misinformation @AdrienneLaF  / The Atlantic)

Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude toward disinformation on Facebook is “Trumpian” and “authoritarian,” @HillaryClinton  tells @AdrienneLaF .

Meyers: Pres Trump claims Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considering running for president. But to be president, you have to be born in the US and Zuckerberg clearly wasn’t born.

It does seem clear that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to cultivate a good relationship with the president as of late.


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Mark Zuckerberg has said he doesn't want the responsibility of blocking false political ads. If that's really the case, and not a desperate attempt to placate the far-right, Facebook should follow Twitter's lead and stop running political ads on its site altogether.

"So, you won't take down lies or you will take down lies? I think that's just a pretty simple yes or no." Complete exchange between @RepAOC  @Ocasio2018  and Mark Zuckerberg at today's House Financial Services Cmte hearing. Full video here:

I thought what @Ocasio2018  did to Mark Zuckerberg was bad. But Congresswoman Joyce Beatty showed why black women are undefeat @JamilahLemieuxd  (h/t )

@Ocasio2018 , the youngest and most social-savvy member of Congress, just made Mark Zuckerberg look like a deer in headlights. Watch her full series of questions below.

In an open letter aimed at Mark Zuckerberg and his top lieutenants, Facebook employees decried the company’s policy of allowing politicians to post any claim, even false ones, in ads, saying it was “a threat to what FB stands for”

In Opinion "This can’t possibly be the outcome you and I want, to have crazy lies pumped into the water supply that corrupt the most important decisions we make together," writes Aaron Sorkin in an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Fan pages for Hezbollah & Hamas are still allowed on . So is the official page for Maduro, who is killing his own citizens. So the bans aren't actually about "safety." Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘hate ban’ isn’t about safety — it’s about his own ego

Today I questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s past censorship of conservative groups. I asked if the same actions had ever been taken against liberal groups, but did not get an answer.

Tech billionaires who donate biggest % of wealth to charity. After Bill Gates it’s a disaster. 1 Bill Gates 46% 2 Michael Dell 9% 3 Carlos Slim 6% 4 Sergey Brin 5% 5 Ma Huateng 4% 6 Larry Page 3% 7 Mark Zuckerberg 2.4% 8 Larry Ellison 2.1% 9 Jeff Bezos 1.9% -