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Mark Francois celebrated one of the most important days of his life in a way that only he could. @mattfrei  | #Brexit 

"There is going to be an uplift, an upsurge in self-confidence, in self-belief in this nation," says @Nigel_Farage  🔊 The full Chopper's Brexit Podcast featuring Nigel Farage, Mark Francois, and @allisonpearson  will be available at 11pm GB#Brexit 

"I've decided I'm not going to go to bed tonight... I'm going to stay up and watch the sun rise over a free country" Conservative MP Mark Francois adds he hopes the labels of Brexiteer & Remainer can be left behind from tomorrow

Mark Francois celebrated one of the most important days of his life in a way that only he could. @mattfrei  | #Brexit 

Fuck me, it's the king of the gammon Mark Francois and he's now quoting the bible

Listen to ‘Chopper’s Brexit Lock-In’ recorded last night in the Red Lion pub as the last minutes of Britain’s membership of the European Union ticked down featuring @Nigel_Farage ,⁩ Mark Francois and @allisonpearson ⁩. @brexitbroadcast ⁩

About to go on Sky News with Mark Francois. You might just want to tune in....

Today might well be the best time to crack open my pint of Mark Francois' "Special Place In Hell" beer - using, of course, a Big Ben bottle opener #Brexitday 

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'The doomed campaign of Mark Francois to reactivate Big Ben in commemoration of Britain’s Independence Day is perhaps his finest achievement' @geochesterton  for @British  GQ on the 10 things Brexit has revealed about Britain


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Mark Francois once said: "If we don't leave on 31st October, this country will explode." And as luck would have it, as James O'Brien was talking about it, Mark rang in... @mrjamesob  | #Brexit 

Mark Francois: “A slur on 17.4m should apologise on national TV....outrageous thing to say” Author “You seem to find a lot of things outrageous...What I said was every racist and anti-Semite…probably voted for Brexit#politicslive 

The party of Nadine Dorries, Mark Francois, Andrew Bridgen & Jacob Rees Mogg is now claiming that people would 'misunderstand' Brexit-related information. Not for the first time, it’s the satirists I feel most sorry for...

Surely we can all agree that life was better when we'd never heard of Mark Francois? Have a lovely weekend. x

Just turned on breakfast news half way through a feature on a new Pixar film about a furious toby jug that comes to life and can’t find its way back to a mythical kingdom and then I realised it was just Mark Francois interview.

A lot seems to hinge on how many MPs are sharp enough to realise that Johnson has played them in private. They can’t all be as thick as Mark Francois, surely?

"If you now try to hold us in against our will, you will be facing Perfidious Albion on speed." Mark Francois'>Conservative Brexiteer Mark Francois says the UK "will become a Trojan horse within the EU" if Theresa May is given a Brexit extension.

"We don't elect the people, they elect us. They gave us an order to leave, so for God's sake let's just leave" Mark Francois'>Tory Brexiteer Mark Francois responds after latest votes on #Brexit  options fail to find a majority

NEW: Mark Francois writes to Brady to request informal indicative vote of no confidence in PM on Weds 3pm b4 EUCO “I believe May has been a failure as Leader of our Party, which she now threatens to destroy. Hers is a classic example of hubris – and after hubris, comes nemesis.”

. has just said unambiguously to leading Mark Francois'>Tory Brexiter Mark Francois that she will not drop her Brexit plan, even though the overwhelming mood of the Commons is she must drop it. She has probably just sealed her fate