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Our Marjan Nahavandi writes: “[It is critical] that the diversity of Afghan women is represented in intra-Afghan talks and all other aspects of the peace process. Their voices must be heard for Afghanistan to achieve an inclusive, sustainable peace.”

In Afghanistan’s patriarchal society, women’s rights are often restricted. Our Marjan Nahavandi writes that a lack of education and security concerns rank high among hurdles that Afghan women must overcome.

“Women have not experienced the same gains across [Afghanistan] and thus have different experiences and views on peace, extremism, constitutional rights and their broader place in society,” writes our Marjan Nahavandi.

A forthcoming USIP-commissioned study found a diverse range of views on #Afghanistan ’s ongoing peace process, peacebuilding at the local level, extremism and the barriers women face in the country. Marjan Nahavandi previews these findings:


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