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By stepping back, the US gave Hezbollah a chance to move into Iraq, in 2014 and led the Marjaiya to call for the formation of Hashd al-Shaabi, a popular force ready to take up arms to defend their country.

#Iraq’s Ansar Al-Marjaiya Splits from PMF, Urges Other to Follow

Sheikh Kawtharani was able to forge close relations with Iraqi leaders during their presence in Lebanon in exile. He is the Hezbollah official who knows Iraq best, from the Marjaiya in Najaf to every single political member from Erbil to Basra.

The PMF brigades in question are 2, 11, 26, & 44. All four brigades belong to the holy shrines & considered close to the Marja’iya network. Their transfer is part of enforcing the 2016 PMF Law, albeit according to a very creative method. (2) #Iraq 

@MaestusFilius  @gabriel67891734Good  thread. These are al-Marjaiya equipped and funded groups. Good fighters, very dedicated but not supportive of Iran's ideology and objectives in Iraq. They did not join the army & Federal Police to avoid being attack but to distance themselves from PMU.

In relation to the Marjaiya, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani, he supports #Iran  's safety but not #QassemSoleimani  's role in #Iraq  or any other role. Sayyed Sistani is with hashd al-Shaabi and against some of it. S. Sistani's position is also very complicated to explain here.

Two voices are to watch in the coming few days: Sayid Moqtada al-Sadr and Grand Ayatollah#Sistani  . If the Marja’iya addresses the issue on Friday, their position will be decisive. If they ignore it, then it’s up to the political side to shape the debate. (6)

Dr. Qusay al-Suhail has 90% chances to become the new PM of #Iraq . He is in a meeting since 5 hours to discuss with various political parties his plans. Moqtada al-Sadr won't be a problem and the Marjaiya said it won't intervene. The backup is available though just in case.

@Doranimated  Wrong: Al-Sudani is Hadi al-Ameri's choice. FYI: Sileimani told Iraqi politicians they need an apolitical candidate, approved by the mob, Moqtada and the Marjaiya. Moqtada can fule the street, as he is doing now, and S. Sistani is not intervening but watching.

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Why Abdel Mahdi has to go: Many mistakes by the US, Iran and the Marjaiya.


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Why Abdel Mahdi has to go: Many mistakes by the US, Iran and the Marjaiya.

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#Iraq In the south of Iraq, Nassyriyah, tribes gathering and chanting in support of the Marjaiya in #Najaf  "No to the #USA  No to #SaudiArabia  the field belongs to (Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali) Sistani".

#BreakingNews : G S. Ali Sistani - via his representative in Karbala S. Ahmad al-Safi - said the Marjaiya stands against burning any governmental & private institutions as it was done in the last weeks during protestors i #Iraq  . It is important to avoid killing & domestic clash"

The Marja’iya in Friday Prayer: condemned aggression on protesters and against security forces & public and private property. (1)

Both and leaving Grand Ayatollah Sistani's home (and office). Rouhani went to visit al-Koufa and will meet with the Marjaiya in the afternoon. He is scheduled to return to this evening. #Iran 

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PM Al-Abadi meets with the representative of the Marjaiya and trustee of the Imam Hussain shrine Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalaei

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PM Al-Abadi meets with the representative of the Marjaiya and trustee of the Al-Abbas shrine Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi

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