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Thanos: Confirmed Marie Kondo fan
MARIE KONDO: "What about these ZipLoc bags of Cat-5 and USB cables under your bed?"

ME: "They spark joy."

KONDO: "But -"

This shutdown is starting to feel like Trump Marie Kondo-ed the Federal Government.
A child scrambles back, wild-eyed and weeping, clutching a stack of dog-eared books. A shadow looms over him. "Time to declutter," says a high, prim voice. Marie Kondo pulls a lighter from a spotless cardigan. "Now burn the books...kudasai." (How I assume that Netflix show goes.)
me surrounded by all my remaining possessions after watching one episode of Marie Kondo
Getting rid of books means admitting to yourself that your time on earth is finite and you will die without reading everything you own. But enjoy that Marie Kondo show I guess
Marie Kondo helped me find what sparks joy in my RPG inventory:
are you happy now, Marie Kondo?!?!?
Are books clutter? Why Marie Kondo’s advice to give them away has not sparked unanimous joy
in this house, we stan marie kondo

don’t even think about crossing this threshold unless you’re willing to give your fuckin life for every single sock you own
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