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@adegiulio  @RachelFineM  @jaydotcoma  @marcorubiorco  Rubio is a loyal soldier for Trump & the . #TotalitarianAlliance  Rubio supports an #Putind  in #TrumpGenocidedirectly  (as an NRA stooge) and directly, by participating in propaganda which seeks to divide us thru classification, discrimination, polarization, & . h #denialttps ://

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Are you related to the Marco Rubio'>Senator Marco Rubio who could act on these matters?

"This is the worst possible time for Trump to have a major break with Senate Republicans, " said Alex Conant, a GOP strategist and former aide to Marco Rubio.

‘Say his name’: Marco Rubio shredded for bemoaning disaster in Syria — without once mentioning Trump

Marco Rubio claims supporting marriage equality is disrespectful and condescending

@marcorubio  Hate is not a traditional value. Neither is selling out western democracy to the highest bidder, which in Marco Rubio’s case is *checks notes* Vlad Putin and the m’fkn gun lobby. #LoveWins  #LetUsLive  #MarchForOurLives  #WeThePeopleMarch  #MarcoRubio  #NRA 

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Next week, the office of Marco Rubio'>Senator Marco Rubio will host #MobileOfficeHours  to assist you with federal casework issues. Find a location near you -->

@RachelFine  @wardlambA  @marcorubiomen ! Is Marco Rubio outsourcing his social media to Saint Petersburg again or does he dream up this hallucinatory bullshit all on his own?

THIS SUNDAY: Sen. Marco Rubio appears on Political Connections to talk about the impeachment inquiry, our actions in Syria, and other issues. Watch an excerpt now, and catch the full interview Sunday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.:


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RT 🔃 if you agree with Marco Rubio'>Senator Marco Rubio "If Chinese companies want access to U.S. capital markets they should follow OUR laws."

Thoughts and prayers to the NRA who is saying they’re in a deep financial crisis and may be unable to exist. Maybe they could ask some of the Republicans they donated millions to for a loan: Richard Burr - $7M Roy Blunt - $4M Cory Gardner - $3M Marco Rubio - $3M

Florida school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky challenges Sen. Marco Rubio: "Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?" #StudentsStandUp 

Marco Rubio was incredibly outspoken about his fears of election corruption in Florida, taking to Twitter to warn of votes literally being made up/fabricated. I asked his office if he had a comment on the situation in North Carolina. 20 hours later, still no response.

Polling at this point in GOP race in 2015: Jeb Bush 22% Scott Walker 17% Marco Rubio 14% Ben Carson 11% Mike Huckabee 9% Rand Paul 7% Rick Perry 5% Ted Cruz 4% Chris Christie 4% Carly Fiorina 2% Donald Trump 1% Anyone who thinks they know anything right now is delusional.

This poor guy just said on Fox News that Marco Rubio had called for Barr’s resignation. “It must be noted,” he said, praising Rubio for his courage. Too bad the resignation call from Rubio was seven years ago and referred to Eric Holder.

A plane flies over Miami Beach with a banner saying "Shame on you Marco Rubio and NRA." The senator and the gun rights organization have been criticized in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school. Credit: Ellen Bowen / Instagram

Father of Florida school shooting victim confronts Sen. Marco Rubio: "Your comments this week and those of our President have been pathetically weak" #StudentsStandUp 

Florida shooting survivor: We should call AR-15s "Marco Rubio" because they’re both easy to buy

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