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Kids shouldn’t have to live in fear The money of #gunlobby  & #nra  can’t match informed & motivated #voters  Use your #voice  & your #vote  to help enact #commonsensegunlaws  to try to end #gunviolence  Check out @Everytown  @sandyhookpromise  @MomsDemand  @marchforourlives 

Today marks the one year anniversary of #MarchForOurLives . Here's a throwback to Naomi Wadler's powerful speech

State lawmakers are coming together to commemorate the one year anniversary of #MarchForOurLives .

And despite the outcry, 1,200 children were killed by guns in the year after the Parkland shooting #MarchForOurLives 

Congress is voting THIS WEDNESDAY on whether or not everyone should have to get a background check before buying a gun. Join @MarchForOurLives  in urging your representative to vote 'yes.' Sign the petition --> #guncontrol  #marchforourlives  #enough 

Thanks to the courage of @MarchForOurLives  and gun safety advocates, Congress is finally taking action to save lives. Yesterday, passed , the Bipartis#HR8an  Background Checks Act. We will keep going until we end this epidemic for good. #EnoughIsEnough  #NotOneMore 


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#MarchForOurLivesSalute the youth making a REAL impact!! ❤️❤️

If I was in America today , I’d be marching with everyone . Sending my love to all of you marching . #marchforourlives 

#MarchForOurLives today. unbelievably inspiring. Wow ❤️

Seems like common sense gun control is pretty popular #MarchForOurLives 

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Naomi Wadler, 11 years old. The entire speech. Watch. All. Of. It. #MarchForOurLives  

Over 800,000 came out for #MarchForOurLives  in DC, with hundreds of thousands more rallying throughout the nation