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BREAKING: Marcelo Bielsa says @LUFC have watched all their opponents' training sessions this season. #SSN
Marcelo Bielsa has called a press conference for 5pm, where he is expected to name the Derby County lineup for tonight's match v Southampton.
"I don't care if it is cultural. I am not buying it." 😡

Frank Lampard responds to Marcelo Bielsa admitting to sending a spy to Derby training.

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"It was absolutely incredible... everybody was quite amazed by what he was telling us."

@LUFC head coach Marcelo Bielsa goes into detail explaining how his team analysed @dcfcofficial ahead of their game in the Championship:
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BREAKING: @LUFC coach Marcelo Bielsa admits sending a club employee to spy on @dcfcofficial's training session ahead of tonight's game and "accepts all responsibility". #SSN
⚽️ Frank Lampard couldn't resist a joke about Leeds head coach Marcelo Bielsa's press conference following Derby's FA Cup victory at Southampton.

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Fail to prepare...

When Marcelo Bielsa called an unexpected press conference to discuss 'Spygate', nobody was expecting an hour-long presentation on data analysis.

His staff watched all 51 of Derby's games last season, with each match taking four hours to analyse.
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'I’ve been sat in the presence of an absolute genius' 🤓

Marcelo Bielsa wowed @APOPEY at the press conference of the year 👏

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WATCH: Marcelo Bielsa admits he was behind #LUFC spy-gate and that he has been using similar tactics for year.

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⚡️ “Marcelo Bielsa just schooled the whole of football”
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