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Wow the new Hip Hop Evolution episodes are fire. I never knew DJ Sabu was Mannie Fresh dad dawg.

New Orleans has Lil Wayne New Orleans has Master P New Orleans has Juvenile New Orleans has B.G. New Orleans has Mannie Fresh New Orleans has Baby New Orleans has Mystikal New Orleans has Soulja Slim 🙏🏽 New Orleans has Silk the Shocker New Orleans has Mardi Gras etc...

Mannie Fresh looks back on Lil Wayne's beginnings as a "kid genius."

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Keep it a 💯!! If the Saints lose that game cuz of the PI call it would have been all bad. UNLV, Partners N Crime, & DJ Jubilee would have put out a compilation dis track produced by Mannie Fresh aimed at the NFL. Joey Slye saved the league, but robbed us of a great song!

Mannie Fresh declares “Back That Azz Up” the greatest song of all time:

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And whoever makes a Top 50 producers list better have Mannie Fresh in that top 10

It’s despicable how many hits Mannie Fresh produced for Cash Money

The Midnight Hour on the Freddie and Fitzsimmons Experience on @ESPNRadio  w @Ianfitzespn  with tunes from Metallica, Mannie Fresh and The Jam.

“he had a whole verse for it, but mannie [fresh] wanted to be on it”


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Mannie Fresh says Lil Wayne joint album is what the "Wayne people want to hear." 'The Fresh Files' coming soon 👀

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Classic footage of Mannie Fresh playing Mystikal crazy beats in the whip after Mystikal got outta jail

Birdman and Mannie Fresh. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Batman and Robin. Boogie & AD argue who's who in these classic duos.

ok, now y'all just being reckless. Mannie Fresh or Isaiah Whitlock, fine. But i do NOT look like Al Bundy's co-worker or some dude name 'Strap Nasti'

#ThrowbackThursday : Mannie Fresh, B.G., Juvenile, Li'l Wayne, Turk, and Bryan 'Baby' Williams on Sep. 28, 1999 in New Orleans. Catch and at Fan Fest this year. #BayouClassic 

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mannie fresh produced almost every cash money song from 1993 to 2005. hbd to one of the most influential producers of all time 🙏🙏🙏

"Say go DJ, ‘cause that's my DJ Mannie, Mannie Fresh, yes, that’s my DJ!" 🔥 Today's pregame DJ in the DOME: ! Get in your seats EARLY and get HYPED! #LoveTheSaints 


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Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne are making an album together: