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Sen. Manchin calls on Trump to withdraw Marino’s nomination as drug czar in wake of Post/"60 Minutes" probe
Manchin sends ltr to POTUS asking him to withdraw @RepTomMarino’s nom to head Drug Control Policy Office after WaPo story:
Sen. Joe Manchin: "Over my dead body" will Rep. Tom Marino be the White House "drug czar"
Senator Joe Manchin introduces repeal of 2016 law after "60 Minutes" opioid epidemic report
Dems voting to confirm Tillerson

Mark Warner (VA)
Heidi Heitkamp (ND)
Joe Manchin (WV)

The 3 have voted for every Trump nominee so far (6)
Well, the White House has lost Joe Manchin
Manchin: ‘I’ve Met With’ The Russian Ambassador — ‘We Meet With All The Ambassadors’ [VIDEO]
Sen. Manchin Urges @realDonaldTrump to Block Sale of Chicago Exchange to Chinese via @BreitbartNews #MAGA #Dobbs
JUST IN: Sen. Manchin calls for Pres. Trump to rescind Rep. Marino’s nomination to lead national drug policy office.
Manchin calls for Marino to be dropped as drug czar nominee. McCaskill intros a bill to repeal Marino's DEA bill.
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