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Republicans who voted against funding the government

1) Jeff Flake
2) Lindsey Graham
3) Rand Paul
4) Mike Lee

Democrats who voted to fund government

1) Joe Donnelly
2) Heidi Heitkamp
3) Doug Jones
4) Joe Manchin
5) Claire McCaskill
Some Democratic Senators, led by Joe Manchin, are saying Al Franken got a raw deal. Interesting turn of events that’s unlikely to change the outcome for Franken, but could make things awkward for Schumer and Gillibrand.
It’s absolutely hysterical to watch Joe Manchin applaud on Trump’s various economy lines & Schumer look down the aisle and shoosh him.

this has happened twice now
After “locker room talk” and “kitchen table talk,” a new one: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin tells Meet the Press that Trump reportedly trying to fire Mueller was just “New York talk.”
Dems voting to confirm Tillerson

Mark Warner (VA)
Heidi Heitkamp (ND)
Joe Manchin (WV)

The 3 have voted for every Trump nominee so far (6)
I encourage everyone to read this interview. The journalism is actually shocking. There’s no follow up. The journalist says wrong things (Trump is under 50 in West VA and less popular than Manchin). It’s truly mindboggling.
Well, the White House has lost Joe Manchin
Manchin: Nunes has "neutered" the credibility of the House Intel committee
Joe Manchin voted NO to tax cuts for hardworking Americans. Say NO to Joe in November. Join our team in West Virginia today: #WVSen #LeadRight
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