Manchin remains opposed to Senate GOP health plan, Capito still mum -- from @erinbeckwv
Manchin says GOPers are "committed to taking vote" on #HealthcareBill no matter what.
Manchin says if GOP #HealthcareBill doesn't pass, they'll turn around and start working with Democrats to work on a bill "that night"
Heitkamp and Manchin pretty negative on Senate ACA repeal plan. Donnelly says little other than work together
Manchin: “There’s no American right now that should have a reasonable doubt that Russia was involved?”
All witnesses: No. No doubt.
Manchin: AHCA will worsen opioid epidemic in WV -- by @jake_zuckerman
Pollster Mark Blankenship says Manchin has a "difficult, tight rope to walk," bc in a general election 1 in 2 wv Dems is liberal
Manchin: AHCA will worsen opioid epidemic in WV -- fro @jake_zuckerman
Casey and Manchin: Senate plan to repeal Obamacare would worsen opioid epidemic
Joe III Manchin : Manchin Celebrates West Virginia's 154th Birthday
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