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I'm heartbroken over what happened in Manchester tonight.
Sending love to everyone involved. H
Our hearts are heavy about the tragedy in Manchester. We send our love to all the victims, Ariana, her fans and crew.
Our hearts go out to those killed and wounded in Manchester. Americans will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the UK.
Absolutely Horrendous what happened in Manchester tonight. My thoughts are with the great people of Manchester and also Ari and her team xx
Sending all my love to every single family at the Manchester show last night. So upsetting
To see what has happened in Manchester makes me really sad. My thoughts are with those that are experiencing such tragedy at this time x
Praying for the beautiful souls we lost, their families and loved ones, for the survivors who will forever be impacted by this #Manchester
I am truly so sorry about what has happened in Manchester tonight. Unthinkable events. All my love to the families affected.
No words can describe how I feel about what happened in Manchester. I don't wanna believe that the world we live in could be so cruel.
My prayers are with you Manchester
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