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absolutely had the worst dreams of my life. john died, became a bird, called me on a tiny cell phone as a bird, I took a carry on to the Maldives with bird-john in it, was served strawberry cat on the flight. Woke up crying covered in sweat. bird box got me fucked up
Congratulations to Mr. on taking oath as the President of the Maldives.

Wishing him the very best for his tenure ahead.

Looking forward to working with him to strengthen bilateral relations between our nations.
India and the Maldives look forward to working together in areas such as maritime cooperation and mitigating climate change

President @ibusolih and I also agreed on the need to further the atmosphere of peace and security in the Indian Ocean region.
India is glad to welcome President @ibusolih, President of the Republic of Maldives.

This is his first overseas visit after assuming office, indicating the special priority he accords to stronger ties between our nations.

We had fruitful talks on a wide range of subjects.
President @ibusolih's people-centric development efforts are truly commendable.

As a close friend, India always wishes for progress and prosperity of the Maldives.

During our talks today, we discussed ways to boost connectivity, trade and cultural ties between our countries.
Original Tamil name of Maldives is Mala Thivu which means garland of islands. It is the same in Sanskrit. No surprise since 40% of Tamil words is same as in Sanskrit.
I have made a contribution to India’s national security by restoring rationality in bilateral relations in the neighbourhood: Sri Lanka and Maldives. In the latter the people dared to come out to vote fearlessly because of the possibility of Indian intervention if polls rigged
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