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Senator Collins is the first candidate to run an attack ad in the Maine Senate race but for years she bragged about only running positive campaigns. Mainers are again wondering, What Changed Susan? #mesen  #mepolitics 

Reid still watching Dems Senate map closely. “No matter who the nominee is, I think we’re going to win in Colorado. I think we’re going to win in Arizona. I think we’re gonna have a real shot at North Carolina, I think we’re going to win in Maine.”

Republican Susan Collins' Democratic challenger holds slim lead in 2020 Maine Senate race, new poll shows

Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins is facing a competitive race for the first time since she won a Senate seat in 1996, according to a new poll conducted after her closely watched votes in President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

Sen. Susan Collins’ (R-Maine) upcoming reelection campaign will not be an easy one. For the first time since she was elected to the Senate in 1996, Collins faces tough competition as she seeks a fifth term, according to a new poll from Colby College.

Why have so many campaign finance complaints have piled up in Maine’s 2020 Senate race? Why they may not ever result in punishment, they sure look good in fundraising pleas for the other side. #MESen 


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I'm supporting @SaraGideon for U.S. Senate in Maine. I just donated to help Sara beat @SenatorCollins  2020.

Now that I have your attention. I really want to tell you that it’s all about the down ballot. If the Republicans still have the Senate and #MoscowMitch , we’re not gonna get any of the changes we need. 6 competitive SenateRaces: Arizona Colorado Iowa Georgia North Carolina Maine

Senate hopeful Zak Ringelstein attempted to deliver supplies to a border detention facility in Texas, when Border Patrol officers stopped and arrested the candidate from Maine.

Zak Ringelstein () was just arrested for attempting to deliver toys & other supplies to children locked up in an internment camp. For those who don’t know him, he’s the (D) Candidate for US Senate from Maine. RT to show him some ❤️!!

Congrats 2 Sen Susan Collins of Maine 4casting her 7000th consecutive vote in the US Senate She’s never missed votes as a senator Not missing votes is a way 2show the ppl u represent that you’re on the job That’s why I’ve cast 8447 consecutive votes w/out missing in 26 yrs

JUST IN: Maine Senate passes bill to decide presidential elections by popular vote, not Electoral College

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With NBC News now projecting that Dem Jared Golden has ousted incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin in Maine-2, this means the partisan tally for New England House seats will be: Dems: 21 Repubs: 0 Of the 12 US Senate seats in New England, 1 will be GOP-held: Susan Collins.

Contact , (202) 224-2523, particularly if you live in Maine, and ask her to oppose the Senate tax bill because it would repeal Obamacare's individual mandate, driving up the cost of health insurance. #thetaxbillhurts 

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Senate bill doesn't fix ACA problems for rural Maine. Our hospitals are already struggling. 1 in 5 Mainers are on Medicaid. 3/3