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Fed is aware that destruction of Main Street could be hard to detect in macro data -> renewing contact with "local leaders" they established in previous "listening sessions” relying on reserve bank community networks. HOW IS THIS SUB-POLITICS ORGANIZED?

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If you wonder why Main Street is bewildered by Wall Street, nearly 100,000 people are dead, unemployment is at almost 15%, and...

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From @WSJopinion : The bulk of the government’s largesse to date has been devoted downstream. To right the balance—and avoid a slower, weaker recovery—policy makers should direct their attention upstream, to the supply side of the economy and Main Street.

As America inches closer to the sobering milestone of 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, every state is reopening segments of economies. The National Guard had deployed to New Rochelle, N.Y., once the domestic epicenter. Today, its Main Street is beginning to open. @megoliver  has more

“I fully expect there will be a hollowing-out of Main Street like we’ve never seen before,” @CFIB  predicts.

Register: Join us on Friday, May 29 at 11 a.m. EDT for a webinar on the #FederalReserve ’s Main Street Lending Program. Potential borrowers will have the chance to ask Federal Reserve senior officials questions. Register: info: #MSLP 

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My hospitals need to stay open and my healthcare workers need to be protected first. But it seems like the Republican proposal is more focused on the big corporations and the health of Wall Street than the healthcare of the people in rural America and Main Street.

Laid-off workers cannot wait. Main Street'>Struggling Main Street businesses cannot wait. Our hospitals and health centers cannot wait. This crisis is moving fast. The Senate is here, we are working, and we need to deliver.

By blocking relief for Main Street, Democrats are behaving as they always do in circumstances like this one: hijacking the process to get other items included. Meanwhile, many #smallbiz  are hanging on by a thread. Every day of delay means lost jobs.

The #PaycheckProtectionProgram  is a lifeline for small businesses on Main Street across America. Congress must urgently pass additional funding for this bipartisan, job-saving program. There’s no time to waste. Small businesses need our help – and they need it NOW.

It was wonderful to be back in Missouri where our push for historic TAX CUTS all began. Six months ago I promised that we would cut taxes to bring Main Street roaring back - and that is exactly what is happening!

Main Street is BACK! Strongest Holiday Sales bump since the Great Recession -- beating forecasts by BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Main Street is BOOMING thanks to our incredible TAX CUT and Reform law. "This shows small-business owners are more than just optimistic, they are ready to grow their businesses."

Now, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to RESTORE AMERICAN PROSPERITY – and RECLAIM AMERICA’S DESTINY. But in order to achieve this bright and glowing future, the SENATE MUST PASS TAX CUTS – and bring Main Street roaring back to life!

The Federal Reserve is being cheered by some for slowing down the economy because Main Street is getting too healthy. Created by Big Banks to protect the uber wealthy the Fed used trillions to save banks so this current path of destruction will help push America toward socialism.

DEVELOPING: Flash flooding, water rescues reported in Maryland as heavy rain soaks much of the state. Video shows water rushing down Main Street in Ellicott City, just outside Baltimore. It's the same street devastated by flash flooding in July 2016.