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"Homeopathy As a Form of Practical Magic" by @Reviewer21  via cc Interesting p @ICSAHomeece  @AlanLevinovitz  @EdzardErnsts @crackedscienceuggests 's appeal relates to i #homeopathys  mix of magical thinking & concepts that feel science-y.

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Feeling sick thinking about the magical 18th c Baroque interior of the Caffè Florian on Piazzo San Marco.

"In recent weeks, two of the fossil fuel industry’s favorite talking points were again shown to be magical thinking: Pipelines are safe and coal is coming back." (The latest from ) @bruneski 

"In recent weeks, two of the fossil fuel industry’s favorite talking points were again shown to be magical thinking: Pipelines are safe and coal is coming back." (The latest from ) @bruneski 

I've been thinking about the @netflix  version of The Little Prince since I saw it. Book is divine. And the movie is remarkably magical. Want more whimsy in life...going to have to work at it.

Saw Hadestown last night. Still thinking about it. More of an opera than a musical. I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd have liked as a musical. But as an opera, it was magical and the score was powerful. Still chewing on both the music and the staging which was exquisite.

Reality bites - Read This: "The Magical Thinking Behind Warren’s Medicare for All Plan"

Greg Mankiw, CEA chair under W. Bush, had a reputation has an honest Republican economist whom you could trust not to engage in magical thinking on tax cuts and revenues and the like. I say "had" because he's no longer a Republican.

Democratic presidential candidates are guilty of magical thinking because they support an "assault weapon" ban that cannot reasonably be expected to have a measurable impact on gun violence.

@pmaido  @NaomiOreskesw  @amywestervelts  @dwallacewellsk  @billmckibbeni  @NaomiAKlein  How is 20% of US generation and majority of existing US zero-CO2 magical thinking? Even @mzjacobson  acknowledged potential value in extending some existing plants' operation as a climate strategy. If you mean *new* US nuclear, that's a distinct discussion.


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Trump has taken magical economic thinking, which already rules the GOP, to a new level

On #EarthDay  a good way to help our planet is to stop promoting magical thinking like the #GreenNewDeal . My video collaboration with 's looks at the “science” behind this proposal:

Thread on Corbyn's speech today, having now seen summary sent to press and 'check against delivery' version. The section that has attracted interest is "A key sentence is “For the last 40 years, a magical kind of thinking has dominated the way Britain is run. We’ve been 1/n

President Trump’s lawyers cite out-of-date statutes, magical legal thinking&unconstitutional assumptions, but ignore this core truth: no one is above the law.

Saw last night & been thinking about it all day. It’s pretty magical moviemaking - Spielberg reminding us all that he created the blueprint for breathtaking blockbusters. He remains the master: his Kubrick sequence is dazzling. , you’ve made a classic!

More for hedge funds than hard hats, Pres. Trump's #InfrastructurePlan  relies on magical thinking, massive private interest profits, and a pittance of public investment.

Yo Bitch! I stole your line, Aaron. But you can "Say my name!" Just thinking about the 6 magical years on BB with our great cast and crew. I miss you all, even those Heisenberg had to kill. Vince, you're a genius and a wonderful human being. Thank you for the ride of our lives!

the demand for an outsider to come and “fix” things, is not just undemocratic; it’s also delusional, a form of magical thinking

We’re a big fish inside EU, but a much smaller fish outside. Hoping that Boris’s ‘patriotic optimism’ will protect us is magical thinking.

i was just sittin here thinking how many magical opportunities @MTV  has given us this year, can't thank you enough, i love u, we are so otp