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The White House is considering more aggressive strategies in Venezuela as Trump is losing confidence that opposition leader Juan Guaido can ever topple NicolasMaduro’s regime

Democratic candidate @JulianCastro  says he would lift sanctions to help the people of Venezuela while putting pressure on the Maduro "dictatorship." On Mexico, he would deny cartels "weapons of war" through gun legislation in the U.S.

The illicit mining and trafficking of gold and uranium can be used to bankroll terrorist organizations, like the FARC and ELN, and rogue regimes, like Maduro’s in Venezuela.

Scoop: As Trump loses patience with Venezuela opposition leader Guaido’s ability to topple Maduro regime, aides now considering new strategies. At least 3 mtgs in recent days, including one Pence led in Situation Room yday. Latest WH thinking per sources:

Venezuela’s opposition leader failed to depose Maduro. He told Vox why he’s not giving up.

As the Maduro regime continues to block websites and limit independent media, Venezuelan citizens have begun looking for other roundabout ways to bypass the government's censorship.

“The U.S. Government will continue to review the full range of options to advance the maximum pressure campaign against Maduro’s illegitimate regime, " a senior administration official tells @VOANews  .

"As the president has made clear, the United States stands firmly with Interim President Guaido and the people of Venezuela, who lack access to food, healthcare, and water because of Maduro’s mismanagement and rampant corruption," adds the official.

“There is only one solution to the crisis in Venezuela—the peaceful and orderly exit of Maduro'>Nicolas Maduro,” a SAO tells me in response to our story. US reviewing “full range of options to advance the maximum pressure campaign” and US “stands firmly with Interim President Guaido.”

EXCLUSIVE: Trump is losing confidence in Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, and the White House is revisiting its yearlong effort to topple Maduro'>Nicolas Maduro. Now on @TheTerminal  by @JenniferJJacobs  @BenBartenstein  @SalehaMohsin  @josh_wingrove 


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The citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime. Today, I have officially recognized the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela.

After a great rally in Panama City Beach, Florida - I am returning to Washington, D.C. with and Senator , discussing the terrible abuses by Maduro. America stands with the GREAT PEOPLE of Venezuela for however long it takes!

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Fan pages for Hezbollah & Hamas are still allowed on . So is the official page for Maduro, who is killing his own citizens. So the bans aren't actually about "safety." Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘hate ban’ isn’t about safety — it’s about his own ego

I wish Maduro'>Nicolas Maduro and his top advisors a long, quiet retirement, living on a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela. They should take advantage of President Guaido’s amnesty and move on. The sooner the better.

I ask every member of the Maduro regime: End this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO. Set your country free! Now is the time for all Venezuelan Patriots to act together, as one united people. Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela!

I urge Maduro'>Nicolás Maduro to allow humanitarian aid inside Venezuela’s borders peacefully. People are in need of life-saving medicines, children are subsisting on one meal a day, and a peaceful delivery of food and supplies is to the benefit of all.

., , : Your time is up. This is your last chance. Accept Interim President Guaido’s amnesty, protect the Constitution, and remove Maduro, and we will take you off our sanctions list. Stay with Maduro, and go down with the ship.

Maduro willing to negotiate with opposition in Venezuela following U.S. sanctions and the cutting off of oil revenues. Guaido is being targeted by Venezuelan Supreme Court. Massive protest expected today. Americans should not travel to Venezuela until further notice.

....Large protests all across Venezuela today against Maduro. The fight for freedom has begun!