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The Department of Finance today (Friday) published a technical paper on Corporation Tax (CT). The paper looks in detail at CT developments, from both a micro- and a macro-economic perspective with several important findings. Read it in full on our website:

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Moodys Investors Service - RMBS – EMEA: Sector update – Q3 2019: Brexit fears reduce UK housing market activity: A detailed review of the European RMBS market, including macroeconomic and regulatory updates, new issuance and performance trends,… #credit 

Highlight: @StateStreetETFs’ George Milling-Stanley on why gold remains a safe haven asset: “Yes, it’s a very good inflation hedge… but it is also offering some protection against the unexpected in general. Whether that’s macroeconomic or geopolitical.” Full comments:

Moodys Investors Service - Auto ABS – EMEA: Sector update – Q3 2019: Performance stable in the main markets: A detailed review of the European auto ABS market, including macroeconomic and regulatory updates, new issuance and performance trends,… #credit 

Natixis - GLOBAL TRADE INDICATOR POINTS TO A STABILIZATION (AT A LOW LEVEL): ECO Express EZ : Q3 GDP growth stable at 1.2%, slightly above expectations (consensus: +.1.1%). Chin a : disappointing macroeconomic publications, the growth in industrial…

The usual objections to a much higher minimum wage ignore the fact that companies refuse to invest despite ideal macroeconomic conditions. Jim O'Neill of @ChathamHouse  argues that a kick in the wage bill may be just what they need

As an econ pundit I make it a policy to never report the output of any macroeconomic model as a credible forecast, and only to report on them in the context of "here's an interesting mechanism we hadn't considered before". Macro models are just stories.

Puerto Rico OBoard files objection to @RepRaulGrijalva 's amicus brief against Prepa debt restructuring deal citing T3 court prior ruling that motion practice for approval of debt deal cannot include macroeconomic factors. Court is boxed in. pg9 #muniland 

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Minimum wage increases as macroeconomic policy, from @andyecon . I think this is a very important theoretically informed supplement to recent empirically focused work.

$SIX2 #Sixt  SE Sixt SE : Activity remains dynamic despite the volatile macroeconomic backdrop – IT investments to continue in 2020: >International activity still dynamic - From a company contact in the wake of the publication of the 9M… #equity  #stocks 

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@jyarow  Here's Warren in 2009, being ridiculed on Planet Money for saying underwater mortgages and foreclosure wave was a serious macroeconomic crisis; Not just a matter of bailing out Wall Street. She was absolutely right, as "deleveraging " was shown to be a serious recession driver. https:/

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Coming into Jackson Hole, economists are grappling with a major issue: Can central banking as we know it be the primary tool of macroeconomic stabilization in the industrial world over the next decade? In my forthcoming paper w/ @annastansbury , we argue that this is in doubt. 1/

India is the fastest growing economy with improved macro-economic indicators. Doing business in India is much easier today.

Alarming: Pakistan’s foreign direct investment declined by 49% since PTI came to power. The investment sharply declines in past 11 months of the current fiscal year reflecting the uncertain macro­economic conditions, State Bank of Pakistan revealed in its official figures.

Who would know better than all of you here about the challenges the country was facing during 2013-14; inflation was breaking the back of every house-hold, Increasing current account deficit & higher fiscal deficit were threatening macro-economic stability of the country: PM

Sen. Sherrod Brown: "Yesterday, your predecessor Janet Yellen said she doesn't think President Trump has a grasp of macroeconomic policy. Is she right?" Fed Chair Powell: "I won't have any comment on that for you, Senator."

Question: Do you think the president has a grasp of macroeconomic policy? Janet Yellen: No, I do not.

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Dr Urjit Patel is an economist of a very high calibre with a deep and insightful understanding of macro-economic issues. He steered the banking system from chaos to order and ensured discipline. Under his leadership, the RBI brought financial stability.

India is among the most investor friendly global economies. Our country offers: Growth. Macro-economic stability. Supportive regulatory framework. Political stability. A talented workforce. Large markets. Good physical infrastructure. Come, invest in India!

I feel like this explains so so much about the headline macroeconomic numbers and how people feel about and experience the economy