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Watch Maajid Nawaz's brilliant takedown of this caller who says women are weaker than men, and it's OK to beat your wife as long as she doesn't bleed. @MaajidNawaz 

Maajid Nawaz explains what is and isn't Islamophobic - and why people should stop using that word. @MaajidNawaz 

Maajid Nawaz takes down this caller who thinks it's alright to beat your wife as long as you don't make her bleed or bruise her. @MaajidNawaz 

This caller said under "Islamic law women have got plenty of rights." "You can hit her, she can't divorce you, she gets half the inheritance of a man, but she still somehow has more rights than a man does?" Maajid Nawaz asked.

This caller tried to claim that using Huawei to build the UK's 5G network is the same as going to a Chinese restaurant and Maajid Nawaz didn't let him get away with it. @MaajidNawaz  | #Huawei 

A trans caller told Maajid Nawaz that if children are not confused over being taught about dinosaurs, then they should have no problems with LGBTQ lessons. @MaajidNawaz  | #LGBT 

Maajid Nawaz schooled this caller who denied the existence of Chinese internment camps in Xinjiang. @MaajidNawaz  | #Uyghurs  | #Xinjiang 

Maajid Nawaz has warned that the Met Police's decision to deploy facial recognition cameras could be a "nightmare". @MaajidNawaz 

Maajid Nawaz has warned that the Met Police's decision to deploy facial recognition cameras could be a "nightmare". @MaajidNawaz 

Maajid Nawaz: "You're talking about cheap? I'll tell you what's cheap. It's cheap to be paid by Channel 5 to go out and criticise your own flesh and blood." @MaajidNawaz 


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Woke up this morning to see I was getting attacked by both Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz. I guess I must be doing something right...

Maajid Nawaz on the state of Labour's anti-Semitism row: "All those old Nazi slurs are coming back in the disguise of criticising Israel when actually it's all an obsession with Jews" | #AntiSemitism 

Maajid Nawaz is calling for a national inquiry into grooming gangs, much like the one into Stephen Lawrence's murder. @MaajidNawaz  |

Maajid Nawaz accused Jeremy Corbyn of befriending terrorist organisations and "misdiagnosing" Jihadist groups as "legitimate community voices". @MaajidNawaz  | #JeremyCorbyn 

Maajid Nawaz's electric response to Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit intervention: "We don't trust you to stop Brexit. You are not a Remainer." @MaajidNawaz  | #Brexit 

Dominic Grieve told Maajid Nawaz that a general election wouldn't resolve the Brexit deadlock - and a second referendum would be the better option. Do you agree? @MaajidNawaz  | #Brexit 

Maajid Nawaz is busy on Twitter today attacking "white" academics who critiqued Quilliam's shoddy grooming research while also reminding everyone he is "a Pakistani". The great critic of identity politics loves playing the racism/identity card when his back is up against the wall

Excellent news. SPLC has graciously apologised to Maajid Nawaz. “Regressive Left” please take note. They should apologise to Ayaan Hirsi Ali too. She is a hero of feminism, reason, human rights and everything SPLC stands for.