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celtics getting hot at the right time giannis dominating like an mvp this series is gonna be good
Celtics getting hot at the right time.
Giannis dominating like an MVP.

This series is gonna be good.
russell westbrook caps off a historic season with his first mvp trophy
Russell Westbrook caps off a historic season with his first MVP trophy.
Bleacher Report
julian edelman is super bowl mvp his career could be a movie no scholarships out of hs kent state qb 1 college
Julian Edelman is SUPER BOWL MVP. His career could be a movie.

- No scholarships out of HS
- Kent State QB
- 1 college catch for 11 yards
- No combine invite
- 7th-round pick
- Brady’s security blanket
- Clutch part of Pats dynasty
- 3x champ
Bleacher Report NBA
this season jimmy vs wolves luka trae kd dray fight rondo punched cp d rose comeback ad saga kp trade d lo bre
This season 🤯

🔹 Jimmy vs. Wolves
🔹 Luka/Trae
🔹 KD/Dray fight
🔹 Rondo punched CP
🔹 D-Rose comeback
🔹 AD saga
🔹 KP trade
🔹 D-Lo breakout
🔹 BBB chaos
🔹 Bron/Kyrie made up
🔹 Russ triple-double
🔹 Harden highest PPG since MJ
🔹 Magic quit
🔹 Dirk/Wade retired
🔹 MVP race
Bleacher Report
d rose 2009 roy 2011 youngest mvp 2012 tears acl 2013 tears meniscus 2015 tears meniscus again 2018 scores a n

2009 ROY
2011 Youngest MVP
2012 Tears ACL
2013 Tears meniscus
2015 Tears meniscus again

2018 scores a new career-high 44PTS 🙏
Bleacher Report
paul george is making a strong mvp push his last 10 36 pts w 37 pts w 43 pts w 37 pts l 39 pts w 27 pts w 45 p
Paul George is making a strong MVP push.

His last 10:
36 PTS, W
37 PTS, W
43 PTS, W
37 PTS, L
39 PTS, W
27 PTS, W
45 PTS, W
47 PTS, W
28 PTS, L
45 PTS, W
New England Patriots
tb12 goat mvp
Bleacher Report
mvp why not brodieszn

Bleacher Report
happy birthday to a legend all time points leader 38387 record 6x mvp record 19x all star 6x nba champion 2x f
Happy birthday to a legend, @kaj33

—All-time points leader (38,387)
—Record 6x MVP
—Record 19x All-Star
—6x NBA Champion
—2x Finals MVP

One of the greatest to play the game
Bleacher Report
patrick mahomes magical first season as a starter 50 td no 1 82 qbr no 1 5097 yards no 2 chiefs 353 ppg no 1 m
Patrick Mahomes’ magical first season as a starter:

—50 TD (No. 1)
—82 QBR (No. 1)
—5,097 yards (No. 2)
—Chiefs 35.3 PPG (No. 1)
MVP front-runner

He'll be back.
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