: MSM are hoping that the unelectables will prevail and Hindutva doesn't drown them
: Generally MSM has lost its clout in Delhi after BJP came to power. So they demonize Hindutva and target its spokespersons
Question is when do I begin a discussion of who knows what about HCG and when?MOST of the MSM stories on HCG the past 8 weeks are FALSE
Invictus RG Raises Stake in MSC Industrial Direct Company, Inc. $MSM https://t.co/XwHY2kDh0v
I'm tired of the fake news that credits Betsy Ross with creating the flag. Evil MSM doesn't want you to know it was Trump #HealthcareBill
Headed to the bank to cash the monthly Deep State check I get for being part of the MSM & keeping secrets for George Soros & the lizard ppl.
You've gotta wonder if these Trump tweets on tapes & Dems is to distract MSM from focusing on #AHCA unveiling?
WB has done no DD on HCG and is in it for the $which is fine, but doesn't change the end result. All the leaks and lies to the MSM. just WOW
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