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Two neutron stras colliding (by MIT)
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Arnav Kapur, a student in MIT’s Media Lab, has developed a system to surf the internet with his mind. He silently Googled our questions and heard the answers through vibrations transmitted through his skull and into his inner ear.
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MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit
MIT officials to college applicants: Your acceptance won't be rescinded if you're disciplined for joining high school protests against gun violence.
Some of the colleges promising high school students that getting suspended for protesting guns won’t hurt their admissions chances:
Team of physicists, astronomers and mathematicians at MIT has completed a study of DOJ HQ-finds "Black Hole for documents." They discovered that DOJ contains, deep below ground, a mysterious gravitational pull so powerful that documents cannot escape it.
"My dreams are basically ruined": This Syrian teen was headed to MIT to get an engineering degree. Then came the ban
MIT researchers rebut misleading @FT article — truth is that EVs are way cleaner than petrol cars
This Unreal MIT Invention Allows You To Reach Through The Screen And Touch Things
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World's top universities, 2018.

1. Oxford
2. Cambridge
3. CIT
3. Stanford
5. MIT
6. Harvard
7. Princeton
8. Imperial College
9. University of Chicago
10. University of Pennsylvania
10. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

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