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MIT officials to college applicants: Your acceptance won't be rescinded if you're disciplined for joining high school protests against gun violence.
"My dreams are basically ruined": This Syrian teen was headed to MIT to get an engineering degree. Then came the ban
World's top universities, 2018.

1. Oxford
2. Cambridge
3. CIT
3. Stanford
5. MIT
6. Harvard
7. Princeton
8. Imperial College
9. University of Chicago
10. University of Pennsylvania
10. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

(Times Higher Education)
MIT researchers rebut misleading @FT article — truth is that EVs are way cleaner than petrol cars
Students disciplined by your high schools for joining in responsible anti-gun protests—you won’t get your admission rescinded at @MIT - Policies, Principles, and Protests | MIT Admissions
This Unreal MIT Invention Allows You To Reach Through The Screen And Touch Things
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2 days after the release of the latest CTE report, Ravens OL and MIT mathematician John Urschel has abruptly retired.
MIT prof: What I learned from visualizing Clinton's emails
Summary: study censored & I was mobbed by Clintonists
New MIT Study Suggests Sonic The Hedgehog Might Be Living In Computer Simulation
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