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Some details on the proposed rules for new payment models under #MACRA: #MIPS and #APMs
3 yrs ago today was my professional D Day.Insane ICD 10 was mandated to bill 3rd party for patient services and MACRA with its Marxist social engineering scheme,MIPS,a gov incentive/penalty system to drive physician behavior,was law.I severed all ties with all 3rd party payers.
In 1986 there were around 100,000 MIPS* of Mainframes installed in the USA. That's between one and two Mac Pros.
CMS Finalizes the New Medicare Quality Payment Program
by @ahier #MACRA #MIPS #APMs
The Scarlet Zero- MACRA’s MIPS Completes Government Takeover of Medicine
Bernie:We need 10s of thousands of more doctors in this country.
Doctors:Then quit extorting,oppressing,and abusing us with MACRA/MIPS etc.
ONC: FHIR standard adoption in the U.S. is at a turning point #HL7 #FHIR #HIE #ONC #MIPS #publichealth #research
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